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Discover The 10 Best Video Production Companies in Spain (2023)

Searching for the best video production services in Spain? Look no further! Explore our list of the 10 finest video production companies, renowned for their outstanding work and unmatched storytelling abilities.

Ryan Diyantara
August 4, 2023
video production companies in spain

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Making videos has become a crucial part of modern marketing and communication plans. Videos can engage, inform, and entertain audiences in unique ways, covering corporate needs, brand promotions, product demos, and event coverage. Spain, with its rich cultural heritage and thriving business scene, has many video production companies offering various services. This article will look at the top 10 video production companies in Spain, known for their creativity, expertise, and outstanding work.

1. Get Camera Crew

Yep, it's us!

Since 1987, Get Camera Crew has grown to be a big player in the film and TV industry. Our main focus is to provide crew services and rent out equipment. Our team has gained expertise through hands-on experience on various sets, and we also have valuable knowledge from being on location, supported by MFA qualifications. Weare available 24/7, and our dedicated and experienced staff is always ready to support and help our clients.

We are really proud of what we've achieved, and you can see it from the impressive list of famous clients we've served, including big names like AWS, Kaspersky,Maps, Alcon, and Wooshii. With a total experience of over 80 years, we've worked with some of the country's finest filmmakers, helping to create large-scale commercials and music videos. We take our professionalism seriously, as we've filmed in 25 different countries.

We offer various services, such as conference videos, walkthrough videos, product demos, commercial videos, tutorial videos, 2D animations, interview videos, testimonial videos, and more.

In addition to our own production work, we've launched a marketplace that connects clients with excellent local camera operators, producers, and video creators in countries like Spain. This way, anyone looking for top-notch video production services can easily find the perfect match through our wide network of skilled professionals.

2. Sunomono Film

Sunomono films is a Barcelona Video Production company specializing in a wide range of services tailored to international companies seeking to film in Barcelona. The company prides itself on its experienced team, dedicated to executing seamless video productions in the city.

With over 15 years of expertise in video production services and a remarkable portfolio of over 1,000 completed projects, Sunomono Films collaborates closely with advertising agencies, business consultants, and internal communication departments. This extensive network has enabled them to work with renowned brands like Volkswagen, BASF, Medimarkt, Carglass, Mastercard, and Lidl, covering various domains such as advertising, training, and internal communication.

3. Diburama

video production companies in spain

Diburama is a digital design studio established in Barcelona in 2009. The studio aims to excel in creating a diverse range of videos, including explainer videos, tutorial videos, startup videos, business storytelling, product stories, branded videos, online spots, motion graphics, and 3D animations.

Regardless of the project's scale, whether it's a high-budget TV production, an online campaign, or a smaller initiative, the creative and production teams at Duburama are fully dedicated to crafting the most captivating and animated messages to engage the target audience effectively.

4. Neat Productions

Neat Productions, a short film production company located in Barcelona, Spain, was established in 2014 and currently has a team of three employees. They specialize in video production, advertising, and branding, primarily serving small business clients in the healthcare, retail, and automotive sectors.

Their expertise lies in creating high-quality visual content that showcases your company in the best possible light. With their services, you can present your company's services, products, and values with the utmost clarity. Neat Productions aims to boost your business's growth, enhance exposure, and position it above competitors.

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5. Maido Films

Maido Films is a production and service provider with a unique focus on both documentary and advertising projects. They specialize in producing outdoor, sports, travel, and adventure films for brands and television.

Their passion drives them to create top-notch visual content of exceptional quality. With studios in Glasgow and Barcelona, they cater to global productions, offering content produced in-house as well as commercial campaign services in Scotland and Spain.

6. Tangenio Barcelona

video production companies in spain

Tangenio is a video production agency based in Barcelona, Spain, established in 1995.Their range of services includes video production and event marketing & planning. The agency offers support to both foreign and local producers, brands, and agencies, providing service production for various content needs. From creating commercials, photo shoots, and corporate videos to event videos and more, Tangenio's production team is capable of assisting clients indifferent captivating locations throughout Spain.

7. Yamuve

Yamuve is video production companies based in Picanya, Alicante, and Madrid, Spain. Founded in 2018, the company has a small but capable team and specializes in video production and content marketing. With video as their primary expertise, Yamuve offers creative and technical support in producing a variety of content, including corporate videos and commercial spots, after movies for corporate events, interview and testimonial videos, and product videos.

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8. Samsa Studio

Samsa Studio is a video production company based in Madrid, Spain, operating with a small but skilled team. Their primary service is video production, and the company was established in 2016.

Samsa Videos operates as a creative studio that specializes in animated content. The skillfully employ shapes and movement to convey captivating stories. The studio focuses on creating content with well-defined objectives, such as explainer videos, commercial ads, and social media assets, tailored to cater to companies and industries of all kinds.

9. Zerkofilms

Zerkofilms is a dedicated creative production company based in Barcelona, Spain. Their expertise lies in film, video, photo advertising, and other production services tailored to ensure your company's success. Operating throughout Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands, Zerkofilms brings a passionate approach to their work in film and photography.

Zerkofilms collaborates with both local and international production companies, drawing on their extensive knowledge of filming on location across Spain. With offices in Barcelona and access to top production talent and crews in Europe, the guarantee a premium production experience. Additionally, their comprehensive post-production facilities, including VFX, ensure a well-rounded solution for any production needs.

10. Popular Pictures

Popular Pictures serves as a dependable production partner for international broadcasters, commercial, and corporate projects in Spain. The company collaborates with a wide range of clients, including international news networks, television stations, production companies, advertising agencies, and corporate clients.

With extensive experience in working with multinational teams and adhering to the standards required by US and Northern European broadcasters and production companies, Popular Pictures is well-versed in the shooting and production conditions in Spain.

Their multilingual camera crews are proficient in Spanish, English, Catalan, and German, allowing for seamless communication on diverse projects. The company takes pride in its well-trained professionals, multilingual crews, and utilization of top-of-the-range professional equipment, all contributing to their numerous strengths in the industry.

Which Video Production Companies in Spain Should I Choose?

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