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Client Spotlight: Fast Company Magazine - The Future of Business

Fast Company is a media brand that focuses on the intersection of business, innovation, and design. The company was founded in November 1987 by Bill Taylor and Alan Webber. Fast Company is published by Mansueto Ventures LLC and can be found online at

Nurettin Demiral
July 30, 2022
Fast Company Magazine

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Fast Company is a media brand that focuses on the intersection of business, innovation, and design. The company was founded in November 1987 by Bill Taylor and Alan Webber. Fast Company is published by Mansueto Ventures LLC and can be found online at

What is Fast Company? The Future of Business Intelligence

Fast Company's mission is to "deliver insights, resources, and inspiration to help people work smarter and live better." In addition to its website, Fast Company publishes a monthly print magazine, which reaches more than 1 million readers worldwide.

The brand also produces live events, such as the Fast Company Innovation Festival, and awards programs, such as the Fast Company Impact Awards.

Fast Company Office History - A Short Guide

The founding of Fast Company

In 1995, Fast Company was founded by Louis Rossetto and Alan Webber. The first issue of Fast Company appeared in 1995. Its early competitors included Red Herring, Business 2.0, and The Industry Standard.

Social Media Sites

In 1997, Fast Company created an online social network called the "Company of Friends." The social network was designed to connect business leaders and create a community of like-minded individuals.

The rise of Fast Company and Revenues

In 2000, Fast Company was sold for $550 million. BusinessWeek's editor John A. Byrne was brought in as the new editor. It won its first Gerald Loeb Award. The magazine was not specifically about Internet commerce. Advertising pages dropped until they were one-third of the 2000 numbers. In 2005, the magazine was put up for sale, but many companies battled for it, including Mansueto Ventures.

Byrne contacted entrepreneur Joe Mansueto and helped guide him through sales. Mansueto Ventures bought both magazines for $35 million. Robert Safian was the former editor-in-chief. Stephanie Mehta was named editor-in-chief in February 2018. Fast Company is owned by Mansueto Ventures.

Who is Joe Mansueto

Joe Mansueto is the founder of Mansueto Ventures LLC. Mansueto Ventures LLC is a company that develops and publishes magazines and newspapers. Mansueto Ventures LLC publishes Fast Company magazine.

In Which Fields Does Fast Company Broadcast? Ways Fast Company has chosen to reach people

Technology, Innovation, and More

Fast Company is a leading technology information resource. You can choose Fast Company to follow technology trends, technological developments, and how you can develop your business in sync with technology.

Work-Life Solutions and Changes in the World

Fast Company provides valuable and relevant information about work-life to its viewers. The company is a trustworthy source of information, and it offers a variety of content that can be useful for people in different fields. Fast Company's broadcasts can help viewers learn about:

  1. time management,
  2. goal setting,
  3. stress relief,
  4. work/life balance,
  5. productivity hacks, and
  6. career advice

The company also offers a variety of resources, such as articles, podcasts, and videos, that can help viewers learn more about these topics.

Design, Brands, and More

Design is the field of study that deals with the creation of products or services that are both functional and appealing to consumers. This includes everything from the initial concept and planning stages to the actual execution and production of the final product. Designers must have a strong understanding of both the aesthetic and practical aspects of their work to create successful products or services.

Creative Design

Fast Company broadcasts design ideas in business. This can include new ways to approach product design, service design, or even interior design. By sharing these ideas, Fast Company hopes to inspire businesses to create more innovative and effective designs.

What is the Target Audience of Fast Company Magazine?

Entrepreneurs and Business People - Everything For Business Innovation

The first target audience of Fast Company Magazine is entrepreneurs and business people. These are the people who are always looking for new and innovative ideas to grow their businesses.

They want to know what is happening in the business world so they can stay ahead of the competition. Fast Company Magazine provides them with the latest news, trends, and insights so they can make the best decisions for their businesses.

Creativity insights for creative professionals

The Another Target Audience of Fast Company Magazine is creative professionals. This magazine is geared towards individuals who work in fields such as advertising, design, architecture, and fashion.

The magazine covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to creative professionals, including interviews with successful individuals in these fields, tips for becoming more creative, and articles about the latest trends.

Fast Company Courses

Lessons Categories

There are a variety of courses available through Fast Company that focus on different areas of business. These include courses that focus on technology, business, and design. The courses offered by Fast Company are relevant to the current industry and can help you achieve your career goals.

Fast Company Podcasts - Listening about technologies, human interaction, social networks, and a lot of industries

Most Innovative Companies

Join James Vincent as he talks to founders on how to foster and maintain a spirit of innovation that has kept some of the world’s most innovative companies relevant, each with lessons for how any individual developer can stay ahead of the curve in their work.

Most Innovative Companies

James is considered one of the true "founder whisperers" and has helped some of the world's most influential companies stay open-minded and entrepreneurial in their work. Working closely with Steve Jobs at Apple and John Mackey at AirBreb indicates this type of insight into fostering ingenuity makes MIC a podcast well worth listening to.

The New Way We Work

Fast Company senior editor Kate Davis educates listeners on the frequently changing work scene and reveals what needs to be done to build the future we want. Subscribe now to The New Way We Work one of the most popular fast Company podcasts.

World Changing Ideas

Roadwork's Talib Visram investigates the best innovations in business, from changing food production to environmental sustainability to tackling climate change. Subscribe for business and innovation ideas.

Creative Control

Fast Company's "Creative Control" is looking into how online creators and the larger market economy interface. The Creative Control article examines where the middle class of artisans reside, what technology law enforcement's authority over art will become, and more.

Hit the Ground Running

Podcast hosts Christina Royster and Yasmin Gagne will discuss how to navigate the unwritten rules of work and life, as well as everything from what to wear on a zoom call to how to manage a side hustle. Listen now wherever you are! Subscribe for the best way to follow work life.

Hit the Ground Running

How Fast Company films videos by working with Get Camera Crew

Fast Company produces high-quality, relevant videos by working with Get Camera Crew. This company provides top-notch filming services that help ensure the videos are valuable and useful to viewers. As a result, viewers can expect informative and engaging content that is worth their time.

Get Camera Crew worked with Fast Company in Berlin for two days. If you want to film video projects with Get Camera Crew in many different areas, you can contact us now!

People Also Asked

Who is the CEO of Fast Company?

Eric Schurenberg is the president and CEO of Fast Company's parent company.

What kind of publication is Fast Company?

Fast Company is a monthly American business magazine published in print and online that focuses on technology, business, and design. It publishes six print issues per year.

Who is the editor of Fast Company?

Stephanie Mehta is editor-in-chief of Fast Company and Rising Startups, overseeing the publication's print, digital, and live journalism since 2018.

Prior to that, she was deputy editor at Vanity Fair when she edited feature stories and co-coordinated alongside Hugo Lindgren the annual New Establishment ranking.

Does Fast Company require a subscription?

Subscribe to Fast Company today and receive a year of our unparalleled analysis on the people, companies, topics, and ideas that most interest you - plus a gift for only $49.99.

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