How to Get Clients as a Videographer (The Complete Guide)

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Ryan Diyantara
August 30, 2023
How to Get Clients as a Videographer

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Earning money with videos can be tough. If you're a videographer, finding new jobs is always hard, whether you're new to this or have done it for years. The competition is strong, and you'll need to try hard to stand out and find people to work for.

Looking actively for potential clients is really important to get new jobs. It might feel bad to reach out to possible clients and then they say no or don't reply. But don't feel down. The only way you'll get work is if you keep looking actively. So, here's how to find clients as a videographer.

Build a Strong Portfolio

Firstly, you should create your portfolio. Use the free tools available online to build a website. It's really important to have a way for potential clients and employers to view your work. Design the website to showcase yourself the way you want.

There are templates that you can use and modify as you like, or you can start the website from scratch. Regardless of your choice, make sure the appearance and atmosphere of the website feel right to you. Also, maintain a consistent design across your entire portfolio and other things like business cards and your resume. This consistency will help communicate your professionalism and attention to detail to potential clients.

Also, dedicate time to write about each project featured in your portfolio. Explain the process of creating each one. Concentrate on describing your approach rather than discussing the visual aspects of the project. Potential clients and employers can already see the visual content in the video. What's crucial is demonstrating your thought process and your ability to find solutions to problems.

Reach Out to People

Now it's time to start talking to people who might like the kind of work you do. First, check if any of the people you know might want your work or if they know others who could be interested. You can also try sending emails to people you don't know very well on sites like LinkedIn. There are also companies that help clients find workers like you, so you can get your name in their system and see if they have any work for you. Make sure to find out which words most clients and employers are looking for. Many places use a computer system to look for these words in things like resumes. This helps them find the right people more quickly. So, read lots of job ads and write down the words and skills that are mentioned the most. Make sure to put them in your resume.

Build Your Online Presence

An important aspect to think about as a videographer is how you appear online. When potential clients explore your portfolio, they'll probably want to see how you're presented on social media. Make sure you establish your online presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook Pages, and Instagram. Additionally, make sure to upload your videos on platforms like Vimeo and YouTube. Also, be cautious about the content you share, as what you post reflects on you and your business.

Run Online Ads

Online advertising is really strong and lets you aim at specific groups. By using ads on Google, Facebook, and other platforms, you can aim at people in your local area, and even those who fit a certain group. If you want wedding clients, you can aim at people who are in relationships or like wedding things. Ads are a strong tool when you know who you want to reach. Finding clients on the internet is one of the most usual ways in the modern world where you can work from far away. Try different ways to see what's best for you.

Contact Former Clients

Former clients can be really helpful. But getting in touch with these past clients can be even more beneficial. If they liked your work before, they might need your services again. However, if they didn't have a good experience, you can ask them if they know anyone who might be interested. It's likely that someone they know is planning a wedding, hosting an event, or looking for video services for something else. Just reaching out to these people is a wonderful approach to finding local video clients!

Understand Your Local Clients

Remember to think about what the people in your area might want while you do all of these things. If your town is popular for weddings, you can offer to make wedding videos. If your city has lots of music happening, you can offer to make videos for musicians and places where they play. But don't spend time trying to get work from Tech companies if there aren't any around. Knowing your local market can help you find video work more easily, and it won't feel like you're guessing without any idea.

Contact Agencies and Consultants

Most marketing agencies and marketing consultants probably already have someone they can ask to make videos when needed. But it's okay to call them even if you haven't worked together before, and ask if they need your help. If you start working with a marketing agency, they might keep giving you jobs. It's usually better if the team is small because they might not have someone who makes videos all the time. Some of their clients will want videos, and that's something you can do. You can't take those clients just for yourself, but you can work with different clients through the marketing agency.

Frequently Asked Questions - How to Get Clients as a Videographer

How can I effectively stand out and get clients in the competitive videography industry?

To stand out, focus on creating a compelling portfolio that showcases your unique style and skills. Utilize online platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to build your presence and attract potential clients.

Are there specific strategies for finding local clients?

Yes, understanding your local market is essential. Tailor your services to the needs of your area. For instance, if your town is known for weddings, emphasize wedding videography in your offerings.

Can I reach out to former clients for more business opportunities?

Absolutely! Reconnecting with former clients can be a valuable source of new work. They might have ongoing needs or refer you to others who require your videography services.

How can I leverage online advertising to find clients?

Digital advertising, particularly on platforms like Google and Facebook, allows you to target specific demographics and local audiences. Craft ads that highlight your strengths and resonate with your target clients.

What's the significance of networking with marketing agencies?

Partnering with marketing agencies can lead to consistent work opportunities. Smaller agencies may not have an in-house videographer, making you a valuable asset for their video needs. Plus, agencies often have diverse clients, broadening your potential projects.

Is having awell-structured portfolio important?

Yes, a well-organizedportfolio is crucial. Use platforms like Vimeo and YouTube to showcase yourwork. Highlight your versatility by featuring various types of projects,ensuring potential clients get a clear picture of your skills.

Should I research popular keywords for my resume and online profiles?

Yes, researching and including relevant keywords can improve your online visibility. Many employers use automated systems to sort through resumes. By incorporating the right keywords, you enhance your chances of being noticed.

How can I approach potential clients who may not respond positively?

Rejections are part ofthe process. Don't be discouraged if you don't receive immediate positiveresponses. Persistence is key. Keep refining your outreach strategies andlearning from each interaction.

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