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Client Spotlight: Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)

Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) is a five-channel television broadcasting company headquartered in Hong Kong. TVB is the dominant television broadcasting company in Hong Kong and it also broadcasts on global networks.

Nurettin Demiral
July 29, 2022
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Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) is a five-channel television broadcasting company headquartered in Hong Kong. TVB is the dominant television broadcasting company in Hong Kong and it also broadcasts on global networks.

About Television Broadcasts Ltd History


A working party was set up in the early 1960s to look into the possibility of setting up a second television station in Hong Kong. The debate about whether or not to set up a second station revolved around three main contentions. The first was that, as a colony of the United Kingdom, English programming could be purchased from other countries.

The second was that, although Hong Kong is a center for film production, it was considered a challenge to source enough Chinese-language content.

The third was that, even though Hong Kong is a highly cosmopolitan city, the majority of the population is Chinese and, therefore, Chinese-language content would be most popular. On 25 January 1966, it was announced that Television Broadcasts Limited won the government franchise to operate the second television station in Hong Kong.


Governor David Trench opened TVB's station on 19 November 1967. The station was a TV Broadcasts Limited station in Kowloon Tong, Kowloon. The first images shown on the station were the live transmissions of the Macau Grand Prix. The first color broadcast was made by a feature called "The Magic of Colour" on 14 May 1969. TVB Jade is the Cantonese channel and TVB Pearl is the English channel.

Infrastructure development

TVB faced challenges with Hong Kong's mountainous topography. The main transmitter was built at Temple Hill, above Kowloon. The main transmitter reached parts of the New Territories, but two broadcast relay stations were needed to come into operation on 15 May 1968: one at Lamma Island and one at Castle Peak.


TVB's development can be seen in its many awards and recognitions. Artists are not required to sign exclusive contracts with TVB. They can show up in programs produced by other local television stations or out-sourcing production houses. The annual TVB Music Awards ceremony is one of the biggest for Cantopop personalities. It is widely rumored that TVB distributes the awards to those who are obedient to the company's demands, and the Independent Commission Against Corruption has investigated this arrangement. Afterward, TVB reformed its music programs to reestablish its authority.

On the other hand, TVB was awarded the National Association of Broadcasters's (NAB) International Broadcasting Excellence Award in 2001. In 2005, TVB raised over 100 million Hong Kong Dollars to support those affected by the tsunami. In 2000, TVBs Australia was established for the Australian market with a 17 channel (14 Chinese and 3 Vietnamese Channel) satellite service.

Location and Headquarters

TVB City is a production facility for the television station TVB. It is located at Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate in Hong Kong. The facility houses studios, offices, and post-production facilities.

TVB City replaced TVB's Clear Water Bay HQ as the new home TVB. The move to TVB City was completed in 2003.

TVB City is the first service-providing company in the area.

Notable shows from TV Operations

When Heaven Burns (2011)

Some notable television programs on TV include:

  1. Enjoy Yourself Tonight or EYT (1967–1994), a long-running variety show
  2. The Bund (1980), starring Chow Yun-fat, was a success throughout Asia
  3. The Legend of the Condor Heroes (1983) is a serial adaptation of Louis Cha's wuxia novel
  4. Sequel to The Legend of the Condor Heroes
  5. Serial adaptation of Louis Cha's novel
  6. Andy Lau and Idy Chan starred in Return of the Condor Heroes
  7. Looking Back in Anger: Felix Wong, Deric Wan, Carina Lau
  8. Popular legal drama series, spanning five years
  9. A Kindred Spirit (1995-1999) was the second longest-running television drama in Hong Kong history
  10. Popular variety game show: Super Trio Series
  11. Journeying to the West is a TVB Jade TV program that is dubbed in English and rebroadcast on TVB Pearl
  12. Old Time Buddy satires the 1960s Hong Kong filming industry
  13. The serial drama that won
  14. At the Threshold of an Era is the first season for TVB.
  15. Historical costume series with a modern-day spin-off.
  16. Square Pegs (2003), a drama serial starring Roger Kwok, depicts the life of a mentally-retarded young man.
  17. Average viewership rating: 37 points, highest in TVB's broadcast history
  18. Triumphing in the Skies (2003), War and Beauty (2004)
  19. Triumphing in the Skies II (2013), Moonlight Resonance (2008)
  20. Michael Tse's character, Laughing Gor inspired one film spin-off and one sequel television series.
  21. Rosy Business (2009), an award-winning costume drama swept the 2009 TVB Anniversary Awards in almost all major categories.
  22. When Heaven Burns (2011)
  23. Line Walker was banned in Mainland China due to the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. Line Walker is a Hong Kong drama that has spawned 2 series and a prequel.

Channel list of TVB Broadcast

Hong Kong Free-to-air

TVB is the first wireless commercial television station in Hong Kong. TVB is now the most prominent Chinese program producer in the world. TVB owns 2 free-to-air channels in Hong Kong, PRC, namely TVB Jade and TVB Pearl. TVB reaches out to communities worldwide with its productions available in Taiwan, the United States, Canada, Australia, Mainland China, Malaysia, and Singapore. Many of Hong Kong's top film and pop stars started their careers in TVB.


MyTV SUPER is an expanded version of MyTV that was launched to provide paid television service. The company name of "TVB Network Vision" became " Big Big Channel ". Infrastructure development includes the launch of MyTV SUPER. The development includes the addition of notable shows from TVB. The location includes Hong Kong and Malaysia. News operation includes the production and distribution of news programs. Controversy and criticism include allegations of corruption and negative reviews from viewers.

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Shaw Prize

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