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Types Of Corporate Videography Services In Sydney

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Interviews & talking-heads

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Testimonials & Case Studies

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Factory Walkthroughs

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Video Editing in Sydney, Australia
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Events & Conferences

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Social Media Campaigns

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Eng Videography

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Pre-event Promo Videos

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Speaker & Keynote Filming

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Panel Discussion Filming

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Attendee Voxpops

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Highlights & Event Sizzle Reels

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Videographers In Sydney, Australia?

Depending on the project scope a video shoot can start from $50-300/hour for a simple shoot and could be scaled up according to the equipment and crew you need.

What type of videographers do you have in Sydney?

There are multiple videographers who create different types of videos. The key to an easy production is to choose the right creator. So here we lay down the content types and the right videographers for each category. (Most categories are self-explanatory however what to look for in each genre is the key)


Real Estate Videographers

Real estate videographers specialize in creating engaging videos to showcase properties, capturing interior and exterior shots, highlighting key features, and creating virtual tours. Smooth zoom ins, Wide angle 16mm Lenses to make the space look big. These are just some of the techniques they use and they have many more tricks!


Drone Videographers

Most videographers also are drone operators. If you need to work with one we strongly suggest checking out their drone pilot license as sometimes, the operators are only allowed to fly in certain areas. This type of shoot is best suited for B-rolls, that can be used in various projects, including real estate, events, and landscapes.


Corporate Videographers

Corporate videographers focus on producing professional videos for businesses, including promotional videos, training videos, company profiles, interviews, and internal communication materials.


Sports Videographers

They capture live-action sports events, record highlights, and player profiles, and create engaging sports-related content, catering to athletes, teams, and sports organizations. The ability to catch the "moment" is the key as there is no re-doing anything.


Livestreaming Videographers

Livestreaming videographers enable real-time broadcasting of events, conferences, or performances, capturing and streaming the video content to online platforms, ensuring remote audiences can participate.


Event Videographers

Event videographers specialize in capturing live events, such as conferences, concerts, festivals, corporate gatherings. Their primary focus is to document the event and create compelling video content that captures the essence, atmosphere, and key moments of the event.

How Do You Find The Best Corporate Videographer In Australia, Oceania?

Check The Reviews

When looking for a corporate videographer in Sydney, Australia, it is important to check the reviews in order to find the best one. Checking reviews can help you get an idea of what others think about the videographer’s work, and whether or not they would recommend them. This can be a great way to narrow down your options and find a videographer that you can trust with your project.

Check Their Portfolio

When looking at a corporate videographer’s portfolio, be sure to check for a few key things. First, look at the overall quality of their work. This includes things like camera work, editing, and audio quality. Second, look at the variety of projects they have worked on. This will give you an idea of their range and versatility as a videographer. Finally, make sure to read any testimonials or reviews from previous clients. This will give you an idea of their professionalism and customer service skills.

Check Their Experience

When looking for a corporate videographer, you will want to ask about their experience and look for any references or certifications they may have. It is important to make sure the videographer has experience in the type of video you are looking to have made. You will also want to read reviews or check with past clients to see if they were satisfied with the final product.

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"The way they managed the process enabled us to concentrate on our other projects without a second thought."

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"The way they managed the process enabled us to concentrate on our other projects without a second thought."

Education Manager,
Global Healthcare Firm

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