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Corporate Event Video Production in Nicosia

Are you searching for the leading corporate event video production company in Nicosia for your next conference?

At our corporate event video production company in Nicosia, our expert event video producers are prepared with to capturing your next event together. We pride ourselves on using the finest gear in the industry, such as the Sony FS7, FX9, FX6, and FX3.

Fill out our contact form to let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll match the perfect team for your project and make sure you have a film and photo crew as quickly as possible.

If you need a crew for an interview in The Ledra Street Border Crossing, a local videographer to show you around The Selimiye Mosque, or to record a multi-day convention event shoot in The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre. From live broadcasts to corporate video and photo shoots, Get Camera Crew has recorded a variety of videos and is ready to help you.

We’ll be there for you

Don’t worry yourself overlooking an available crew. We can connect you with over 20 professional videographers and event production crews in Nicosia which has a population of 330000.

We look out for you

Do you require assistance with your corporate event video production? What about information about the venue? Our producers are there to support you, offer advice, and do anything to make your conference a success.

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Experienced crew

Meet our video producers and camera operators–they are experienced with camera-specific skills for a variety of productions. From big, convention jobs to small venue shoots, our guys just happen to be pros!

Our Works

Nicosia corporate event video production is among the best production professionals available in Cyprus.

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Corporate Event Video Production in Nicosia
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Reach us anytime 24/7

Our crew coordinator and your camera operator are one click call away– both nights and weekends– so you’re not alone in facing possible hurdles.

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We carry insurance, so you don't have to

Our network of professionals is the best when it comes to delivering insured high-quality content.

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Our lighting packages are state of the art

We take on competitors with our comprehensive lighting packages, which include low-heat LED lighting, Kino Flos, and HMIs.

Variety And Flexibility Are Key To Our Videographers!

Nicosia Camera Crew specializes in a wide range of corporate video production services. We provide experienced crews for corporate interviews, multi-camera and live event video production, branded material, and more. Our team has the expertise to exceed expectations on projects ranging from compelling corporate videos to innovative music videos and engaging television series. With a roster of skilled directors of photography, camera operators, audio engineers, and even aerial cinematographers, Nicosia Camera Crew is ready to bring your vision to life, ensuring a professional and efficient experience.

Corporate Event Video Production Services

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Experience The Difference With Our Coporate Video Production In Nicosia

We are not only skilled but inspiring partners. We believe that every film has the potential to be a striking masterpiece and we want to offer you full service, an extensive array of equipment, and support for your projects big and small!

Gear is only a “means to an end”… It’s all about people!

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Nicosia Corporate Events Video Production Provides Several Services

Nicosia event production is your one-stop shop for production services in Nicosia. We offer various services in addition to crewing your job:

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Event Video Solutions

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Event Highlight Videos

Event highlight videos are short, engaging video compilations that showcase the most memorable and significant moments from a specific event in Cyprus

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Presentation Recordings

Our top recording teams in Nicosia have extensive experience in capturing high-quality presentations. Trust us for seamless, professional results without post-production surprises.

Corporate Event Video Production in Nicosia

Event Vox Pops

Nicosia Event Vox Pops are brief interviews with event attendees, capturing their opinions, reactions, or experiences for promotional or analytical purposes.

Sound Mixers

Helping our clients succeed is why we get requested time and time again. From effective corporate video productions to creative music videos, clever commercials to engaging television shows, Nicosia Camera Crew has crews with the experience to exceed expectations.
Need a soundman? Nicosia Camera Crew has been in the location sound business since the company was founded in 1987. Years of experience in the field have given us access to the very best sound mixers in Nicosia, Cyprus. One call to Nicosia Camera Crew is all you’ll need to book your next production sound mixer.

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Event Production Assistants


Finding a quality production assistant in an unfamiliar location is definitely a challenge. The good ones tend to move up and on to different production roles. Fortunately, Nicosia Event Crew spends a lot of time on location and knows exactly who’s hot and who’s not. We’ll hire the best production assistants in Nicosia for your production.

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Client Testimonials

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"The way they managed the process enabled us to concentrate on our other projects without a second thought."

Education Manager,
Global Healthcare Firm

"They were attentive and receptive, reacting to changes with grace and goodwill."

Production Manager,
Video Production Company

"They digest and understand feedback very quickly."

Project Coordinator,
Events Agency

"The way they managed the process enabled us to concentrate on our other projects without a second thought."

Education Manager,
Global Healthcare Firm

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