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Amazon Logistics Video Shoot - Sony Fx6, Interview

Olivier and Marco, our trusted producers in Berlin have shot an excellent project and here are his insights.

Fırat Bayram Bakır
November 9, 2023

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Video Production Berlin

We had the opportunity to spend an entire day at an Amazon warehouse near Berlin, capturing footage for International Women's Day. Our crew, consisting of two videographers and one photographer, worked tirelessly to conduct three long-form interviews with female workers and managers while also collecting B-roll footage. The interviews were conducted in both German and English, showcasing the diversity of the workforce.


To capture high-quality footage, we used top-of-the-line Sony cameras including the FX6 and Alpha 7 SIII, mostly on tripod and gimbal for added stability. Throughout the day, the Amazon team and their partners on the ground were incredibly supportive and accommodating, making communication a breeze.

Live feed

We also set up a live stream during the interviews, allowing our agency to remotely follow the recordings in real-time. This technology worked flawlessly, ensuring that the team was able to capture every moment of the interviews with ease.


Overall, it was a successful day filled with valuable insights and incredible footage. We're proud to have been a part of this project, shedding light on the inspiring female workforce at Amazon.

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