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Behind the Scenes of DBT Labs Interviews: A DoP's Perspective

How to Turn a Small Hotel Room into a Professional Interview Space - Our trusted camera operator in London, Max filmed a great interview and below you can find his insights.

Fırat Bayram Bakır
November 9, 2023

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In this case study, I will take you through my experience as the Director of Photography (DoP) on the DBT Labs Interviews project. As a professional video producer, I'll share my insights on direction, camera work, lighting, art direction, and sound setup, focusing on the challenges and solutions we encountered while transforming a small and tricky hotel room into an interview space for testimonials for a tech/analytics company.

Project Name: DBT Labs

Interview Location: London

Interview film set example

Pre-production and Contact with Client

Working closely with the client from the beginning, we had a smooth pre-production process, discussing their vision and expectations for the interviews. Clear communication and understanding allowed us to prepare adequately and ensure everyone was on the same page, resulting in a seamless shoot day and a satisfied client. The client was on locaiton and provided feedback for the content shot.

Direction and Camera Work

Our gear for the shoot consisted of a Canon C300 Mark III and a Canon C70. These cameras offered us the flexibility and quality needed to capture compelling interviews. We utilized the C300 Mark III as our main camera, capturing medium and close-up shots, while the C70 provided additional coverage and alternative angles, contributing to the dynamic feel of the final product.

Lighting Setup

Given the limitations of the small hotel room, we employed a 3-point lighting setup to create an evenly lit and professional-looking space. The key light was placed at a 45-degree angle from the subject, filling in shadows and creating depth. The fill light, on the opposite side, balanced the key light and softened the shadows, while the backlight separated the subject from the background, adding dimension to the scene.

Art Direction

To enhance the visual appeal of the interview space, we strategically placed props and background elements to create a cohesive and visually interesting environment. We utilized the room's existing decor and added a few subtle touches to complement the tech/analytics company's brand identity.

Sound Setup

Collaborating with sound engineer Rish, we opted for a combination of boom and lavaliere microphones to capture crisp and clear audio. The boom mic provided a natural, directional sound, while the lav mic ensured consistent audio levels, even if the interviewee moved during the conversation.

Post-shoot and Client Feedback

The post-shoot process involved reviewing the footage, making any necessary adjustments in post-production, and delivering the final interviews to the client. The client expressed their satisfaction with the results, praising the team's ability to transform the small hotel room into a professional-looking interview space.


The DBT Labs Interviews project demonstrates the importance of creative problem-solving, collaboration, and clear communication in the world of professional video production. By understanding the client's needs and utilizing our expertise in direction, camera work, lighting, art direction, and sound setup, we were able to create an engaging series of testimonials that met and exceeded expectations.

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