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Ecclesiastical Insurance's Video Shoot in Toronto

This case study offers insights from Will, a professional videographer based in Toronto, who recently completed a project involving filming talking head videos against a green screen. Will shares his experience, equipment used, and the strategies he employed to ensure a successful shoot while addressing challenges faced during the process.

Fırat Bayram Bakır
November 9, 2023

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Film talking head videos against a green screenLocation: Toronto, Canada

Equipment Used:Camera: Sony FX3Lighting: Aputure lightsAdditional Tools: Teleprompter

Filming Setup

Insights and Strategies

Addressing Client's "Camera Anxiety"

To alleviate the clients' nervousness and make them feel more at ease, Will used various strategies. During downtime, he initiated conversations and shared lighthearted jokes to create a friendly and less formal atmosphere. This approach helped the clients relax, resulting in more natural and confident performances on camera.

Equipment and Lighting

Will used the Sony FX3 camera, known for its superior video capabilities, to capture high-quality footage. Lighting played a crucial role in achieving optimal results. Will primarily utilized Aputure lights, ensuring proper illumination for the subject against the green screen backdrop.

Utilizing a Teleprompter

To enhance the delivery and ensure a smooth flow of the script, Will incorporated a teleprompter. By displaying the script in front of the camera lens, the clients could maintain eye contact with the audience while effortlessly reading their lines. This approach helped them overcome any potential challenges related to memorization or delivery.

Challenges Faced

Limited Space for Greenscreen

One of the significant challenges encountered during the shoot was the limited space available for filming against the green screen. To minimize spill from the green screen onto the subject, Will had to carefully control the background light output. By reducing the intensity, he ensured a clean separation between the subject and the green background, resulting in a more professional and polished final product.


Will, a professional videographer based in Toronto, successfully completed a project involving shooting talking head videos against a green screen. Through his expertise, he created a comfortable environment for the clients by engaging them in conversations and using humor to alleviate camera anxiety. Will utilized the Sony FX3 camera, Aputure lights, and a teleprompter to capture high-quality footage and enhance the delivery of the script. Despite the challenge of limited space for the greenscreen, he effectively managed the lighting to minimize spill and achieve optimal results. Overall, Will's skills, equipment, and strategic approach contributed to a successful video shoot, satisfying the client's requirements and delivering a professional end product. If you would like to work with him you can reach out to us and let us know!

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