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Kaspersky Video Production Case Study - A Mysterious Journey in Haarlem, Netherlands

Discover the exceptional video production set for Kaspersky's latest cybersecurity video in The Haarlem, Netherlands, featuring DoP Jeroen, CP2 prime lenses, and the Sony FX9.

November 9, 2023

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Our client, Kaspersky, a leading cybersecurity company, approached us to create a video production with a mysterious and engaging theme, in Haarlem, Netherlands. The goal was to capture the audience's attention and create a sense of intrigue around their latest product offering.


To produce a high-quality and captivating video that effectively communicates Kaspersky's brand message while creating a unique and immersive experience for the audience.

Location and Setting

The video production was shot in a black background studio located in Haarlem, Netherlands. The choice of location was crucial to achieving the mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere desired by the client. The studio's black background, combined with the strategic use of lighting, allowed us to create a visually appealing and distinctive environment for the video.


We employed harsh lighting techniques to emphasize the mysteriousness of the video. These techniques involved the use of intense spotlights and dramatic shadows, which helped to create a stark contrast between the interviewee and the black background. This contrast added to the overall sense of intrigue and kept the audience engaged throughout the video.

Interviewee Interaction

The interviewee played a critical role in the success of the video production. To ensure a strong connection with the audience, the interviewee was instructed to maintain direct eye contact with the camera. This technique helped to create a sense of intimacy and encouraged the audience to feel as if they were having a personal conversation with the interviewee.

Furthermore, the interviewee's body language and tone were carefully coached to convey a sense of mystery and authority. This approach helped to reinforce Kaspersky's expertise in the cybersecurity field and created a powerful impact on the audience.


The final video production successfully achieved Kaspersky's objectives and captured the mysterious and engaging atmosphere they were looking for. The video has been well-received by the target audience, generating positive feedback and increased interest in Kaspersky's latest product offering.

Key Takeaways

This case study demonstrates the power of carefully planned and executed video production techniques in capturing the audience's attention and effectively conveying a brand message. By utilizing a strategic combination of location, lighting, and interviewee interaction, we were able to create a high-quality and engaging video that effectively showcased Kaspersky's expertise in the cybersecurity field.

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