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Lilium Video Production of Worlds First Electric Jet with Turbine Engines

Lilium video production worlds first electric Jet with turbine engines and we had the opportunity to create a great video for Fast Company who featured them!

Fırat Bayram Bakır
February 17, 2024

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We were shooting a portrait of "Lilium" who is building the worlds first electric Jet with turbine engines.


The focus was on what innovations they have, how they differ from their competitors, and on how their product can be a benefit for future travel.


Our main gear was 2x Sony FX9 and 1 Sony FX3 on a gimbal, to capture hight quality Interviews in 4k and also get some nice shots exploring the various laboratories with our interviewee. Good looking B-Roll was also especially important as the company puts a lot of effort into the design of their product.


On set there were minor challenges, like a partly transparent ceiling of the big hangar and therefore constantly changing light, due to the sun breaking through the clouds at times, which we could handle by carefully adjusting the nd-filter of our cameras.

Client Comms

Communication to our client was smoothlessly easy via phone and messanger and we met at location feeling well prepared for the day.


Data-transfer, being more than 500GB, was immediatly done on the same day, as the client provided a harddrive, so no struggle with uploads, whatsoever.

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