15 Best Real Estate Social Media Contents to Attract Clients

Boost your real estate business with these top 16 social media content ideas. Attract clients and stand out in the market with engaging and effective posts.

Ryan Diyantara
December 18, 2023
Real Estate Social Media Content

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The optimal social media strategy for real estate involves incorporating a blend of informative, promotional, and engaging posts. Why? Because a diverse social media calendar broadens your appeal, reaching a more varied and extensive audience. This approach enhances awareness, establishes trust, and transforms followers into potential buyers.

Top 15 Real Estate Social Media Contents to Get More Clients

To assist you in gaining visibility and attracting potential leads, here are 15 real estate social media content ideas.

Display New Listings

Sharing property listings is a common real estate social media practice, but to attract the right buyers, go beyond the basics. Effectively communicate your property's value by including high-quality photos, a clear description highlighting selling points, and unique features. Ensure that your images are of the highest quality to captivate viewers and avoid encouraging them to click away. Craft a clear description outlining key selling points, including lifestyle benefits, and don't forget to provide contact information for interested prospects.

Pro tip: Utilize bird's-eye-view images taken by drones for a unique perspective.

Create Video Walk-Throughs

Enhance your content by moving beyond static images and creating video tours of the property. This gives potential buyers a virtual walk-through, providing a better sense of the space and helping them imagine living there. Maintain viewer engagement by using stabilizers or tripods, shooting during daylight for optimal lighting, keeping videos to 1-2 minutes, adding non-distracting background music, and optimizing for mobile viewing.

Pro tip: Include narration over drone footage for a captivating perspective.

Announce Open Houses

Generate excitement and attract potential buyers by announcing open houses on social media. Utilize high-resolution images or videos of the property and provide essential details such as date, time, and location. Optimize your open house posts for easy access to critical information, and consider creating video invitations for a more personal touch. Use relevant hashtags like #openhouse and location-specific phrases to increase visibility, and share announcements multiple times before the event to ensure they capture attention.

Advertise Your Real Estate Services

Boosting your real estate services on social media is instrumental in showcasing your expertise and fostering trust with potential clients. Craft individualized posts for each service you offer to provide prospects with a comprehensive understanding of your offerings.

Diversify your content using formats such as carousels, reels, Instagram Stories, static images, and videos to maintain the freshness and attractiveness of your real estate social media content. This diverse approach caters to different preferences within your audience, ensuring engagement in their preferred manner.

For instance, carousel posts are effective in breaking down information into digestible segments through a series of slides, enhancing audience understanding and retention. An illustrative example is an Instagram carousel post where a real estate agent explains her services, using each slide to focus on a distinct aspect, creating a coherent and engaging narrative.

Posting Monthly Recap on Real Estate Social Media

Providing a monthly recap that highlights recent successes, deals, and noteworthy moments from the past month serves as social proof, establishing trust with potential clients and positioning you as the go-to expert. It's a quick and efficient way to generate compelling real estate social media content.

An exemplary monthly recap post features a clean design, communicating essential data points such as homes sold, new listings, and average sale price. Emulate this approach by sharing the most significant events, listings, or milestones from the past month, accompanied by clear and concise headlines for each highlight.

Conclude your monthly recap with a call to action, encouraging meaningful interactions and prompting your audience to take specific actions, such as contacting you for more details, signing up for newsletters, or listing their homes.

Talk About Market Trends

Discussing market trends shows that you care about your clients, not just about selling properties. Sharing these trends helps potential buyers and sellers understand the bigger picture before making decisions.

See an Instagram post talking about real estate market trends
Each screen in the slideshow simplifies the state of the industry into easy-to-understand pieces of information.

An Instagram post discussing market trends in real estate
The post ends with a strong invitation to connect: "DM us today!" This encourages the audience to reach out for personalized advice.

“DM us today!” CTA in an Instagram description
When you share these posts, go beyond summarizing trends. Explain how these trends affect your audience as buyers or sellers in the real estate market.

Share Important News or Updates

People want to work with knowledgeable agents who know what’s happening in the industry. One way to show your knowledge is by sharing relevant news and updates related to real estate.

For example, post about changes in mortgage rates, housing policies, or local developments. Sharing this information keeps your followers informed and positions you as a reliable source.

An Instagram post highlighting a market update that impacts real estate decisions
By providing timely and relevant information, this post keeps the audience informed about important changes in the industry.

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Express Your Opinion

When you share your opinion on social media, you add a personal touch to your online presence and connect with your audience genuinely.

It shows that you’re not just a real estate professional but a real person with ideas and knowledge to share. Your real estate social media content helps you build trust and credibility. People see your commitment to sharing valuable insights beyond property sales.

The following is a good example of an opinion-sharing post. It’s relatable and direct, addressing a common misunderstanding in real estate.

In addition to sharing her opinion, the realtor provides examples that resonate with potential buyers and sellers, adding weight to her perspective.

Share opinions that help your audience understand real estate better or make smarter decisions. Keep a respectful tone and avoid using aggressive language to maintain an open dialogue with your followers.

Create an authentic connection by sharing your own experiences or stories related to your opinion. Encourage your audience to share their thoughts and experiences on the topic.

Feature Client Testimonials

Sharing testimonials from happy clients puts a spotlight on your success. Social proof from someone who has experienced your service can help build trust with potential clients.

Make sure the testimonials you share are specific by detailing how clients have benefited from your services. Tag or mention the clients in your social media post to make it more authentic.

Feature testimonials from different types of clients (e.g., buyers, homeowners, first-time homebuyers, and investors) to showcase your versatility and ability to meet various needs.

Provide Practical Tips and Guidance

While promoting your services is crucial, sharing valuable advice and practical tips is equally beneficial. These posts offer your audience valuable insights and contribute to building your authority on relevant topics.

Tailor your content to address your audience's needs, questions, and concerns. An educational real estate social media post, for example, may address concerns about a slow market and offer actionable steps for buyers and sellers to navigate such a situation.

Alternatively, draw inspiration from client questions to create engaging social media posts. For instance, a post discussing whether to buy a new home before selling a current home can provide a detailed analysis, including questions to ask and factors to consider, giving readers a clear starting point for decision-making.

Educational content establishes a connection and demonstrates genuine helpfulness. When your audience finds your tips useful, they are more likely to remember you when they require a real estate expert.

Pro tip: Enhance your content creation process and relevance by leveraging competitor insights through tools like the Semrush Social Media Tracker. Analyze the most engaging posts from your competitors, understand audience behavior, and improve the quality and relevance of your content.

Share Stories of Success

Think of client success stories as longer versions of testimonials. While testimonials are usually short statements from clients, success stories provide a more detailed view.

Success stories guide you through a client’s journey: where they began, how you helped them, and the positive outcome you achieved (like helping them get their dream home).

These stories offer real-life proof of your skills. You're not just telling them—you're showing them the value you bring.

Highlight a Neighborhood or City

When you talk about a neighborhood, you’re giving people a peek into the lifestyle they could have there—the parks, cafes, community, and more.

These posts let you share your knowledge about local communities, making you a trusted local expert.

Showcase a Team Member

Introducing the people behind your real estate social media account by adds a personal touch to your online presence.

When clients see the faces of your team, it makes the transaction process more human.

Create social media posts that introduce individual team members. Share their professional background, areas of expertise, and a bit about their personalities. You can also include fun facts and hobbies to make the posts relatable.

Have Contests and Giveaways

People love free things. That’s why a giveaway can grab their attention and encourage them to participate.

Contests and giveaways make users interact with your real estate social media content by tagging friends, leaving comments, and liking your posts. All of this boosts engagement.

But it’s not just about the prizes.

Use this chance to showcase your local knowledge by partnering with local businesses or offering prizes related to your area.

Host a Live Virtual Open House

Hosting a live open house lets you showcase properties in real-time and connect directly with your audience.

It's like inviting people into the property from the comfort of their own screens, creating a personal and engaging experience.

The social post includes the details of the open house and a list of features, providing a quick and clear overview for viewers. This helps them decide if it’s worth tuning in.

Announce the date and time of your live open house in advance so potential attendees can plan ahead for a higher turnout.

Before going live, check your internet connection, camera, and microphone for a smooth, uninterrupted experience.

To boost engagement, respond to comments in real time.

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