20 Sites to Post Your Video for Gain More Reach in 2023

Looking to increase your video's reach in 2023? Check out these 20 must-use platforms.

Ryan Diyantara
October 17, 2023

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So, now that you have your video, it looks fantastic. But what's next? In the past, only a few people made videos, and they were only available on a couple of platforms. However, things have changed. Nowadays, businesses aim to use their video content effectively. Technology and software have grown rapidly, leading to more sources for videos. This enables businesses to share their videos on many hosting sites, reaching a broader audience.

To start, you should select the places where your customers can watch your video. Choosing the right video hosting sites that align with your goals is essential for your video marketing strategy. There are numerous online platforms that offer space for your videos. They provide various services to help you get the best results. These services include customization options to personalize your videos, analytical tools to track performance, engagement tools to build customer relationships, and more.

According to a survey,86% of marketers have found that videos have boosted their website traffic. Do you also want to use your video to increase website traffic? Video content is a powerful tool for attracting new customers. Whatever your goal is, this article will help you find the best platforms that suit your needs.

1. Your Websites

The first spot to put your videos should be your website. Putting videos on your site makes people stay longer. It's a good idea to share a video about your company and services on your website's main page. If you haven't done this yet, think about making a special place on your website just for videos. This has lots of advantages, like helping customers find and watch your videos easily. Just having videos on your website also really boosts your SEO!

2. Facebook

Facebook, as the most popular social media platform, brings great benefits to video marketing. You can easily share your videos on Facebook. What sets Facebook apart from its rivals is that you can have videos that are as long as 240 minutes. This is useful for businesses wanting to share longer presentations and pitches. With its massive user base, your video can reach a lot of people. Facebook also offers an embed feature, making it easy to play your Facebook videos on your website. Additionally, by using Facebook Ads, you can make sure your video gets to your desired audience by specifying demographics and locations to target.

3. TikTok

TikTok is currently the most popular social media platform with more than 1 billion active users. This presents a significant chance for businesses to connect with new and potential customers, especially among the Gen Z and millennial audience. However, it's not as simple as putting your videos on TikTok and hoping for the best. To make the most of this platform, businesses must make captivating and imaginative content that resonates with the TikTok community. When done correctly, sharing videos on TikTok can be a fantastic way to strengthen your brand.

4. YouTube

Sharing your video content on YouTube might seem like an obvious choice, as YouTube is the second biggest search engine, right after Google. It's also the second most popular social media platform and one of the earliest platforms designed specifically for videos. However, merely putting up a video and expecting the audience to find it isn't the key. While running ads can help bring in new viewers, YouTube is more about engaging with your visitors and building a community on your channel through consistent uploads. You can try a regular schedule for your YouTube videos, like weekly or every other week, and use tags to attract a continuous flow of new viewers at the same time.

5. Instagram

Instagram is the third most liked place for sharing your videos on social media, after Facebook and YouTube. The Instagram algorithm likes videos more than just regular pictures, giving you an edge over others who post pictures. Instagram also offers handy tools to engage with your audience, which, as we mentioned earlier, helps build a good connection with customers. The only drawback of posting usual Instagram videos is their time limit. Regular in-feed videos can only be up to 1 minute long, but there's another option called IGTV, which solves this problem.

6. Twitter and Tumblr

Although not directly linked like Instagram and Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter have something in common when it comes to drawing in new viewers through hashtags. You can convert your video content into brief GIFs and memes, and encourage others to share it with trending tags. This is a unique way to promote your video.

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7. Yelp

Yelp is a useful tool for bringing in potential new customers. It's often one of the first spots people check when they want to learn more about your business or similar ones nearby. To make your business shine, having well-made videos on your Yelp listing is a smart move. It helps you get noticed, draw more visitors, and increase foot traffic or booked appointments.

8. LinkedIn

Video sharing on LinkedIn is becoming more and more popular with the audience. Adding videos to your LinkedIn profile can boost your professional image. LinkedIn users are professionals who are interested in networking and getting to know your background, so use videos to tell your brand's story effectively. However, keep in mind that LinkedIn has a 10-minute limit on video length, so it's not the best choice for longer presentations. Quality matters a lot on this platform as it reflects your professionalism, so consider working with a video production agency to make sure your video looks polished.

9. Reddit

Reddit is a platform that is not utilized by many video marketers. It consists of small topics and communities where people share their thoughts, opinions, stories, projects...the list goes on. Users can choose to upvote or downvote a thread, which determines how many people see it. Reddit is a tricky place for marketers, as users dislike people who constantly post self-promotional content or are only there for personal gain. The key to using Reddit marketing efficiently is authenticity. Take time to be part of the community and participate in conversations frequently. Once you engage in a genuine way while occasionally posting your videos, results will start showing fast.

10. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is mainly for businesses that have a physical place, like bars, restaurants, and hotels. It's a platform where people go to discover great travel spots, restaurants, make reservations, and compare prices. Many of the folks using this site are tourists, adventurers, or folks who might not know much about a particular area. This platform reaches people all around the world, with a whopping 460 million visitors each month. To draw in customers, videos showing off your location work really well. Plus, you get real reviews from customers that can help you make your business even better.

11. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a French video-sharing website where you can watch, upload, and find videos by using tags, categories, channels, or groups created by users. Sharing your videos on Dailymotion can help you reach a different audience compared to YouTube and other social media platforms. So, if you want to expand your sources of potential customers, consider giving it a try.

12. Pinterest

On Pinterest, Video Pins have a similar "auto-play" feature as Twitter, meaning the video starts playing when users scroll by, catching their eye. Pinterest is the place folks visit when they're starting a fresh project and need inspiration and ideas. Users can save videos to their boards for later. The most effective videos on Pinterest are those that spark creativity and imagination in people. Educational content presented in an artistic manner is highly appreciated here. Since most Pinterest users watch with the sound off, using subtitles and text on your videos is a great idea.

13. Imgur

Imgur is a great place to share your videos or GIFs. When you post on Imgur, your content gets seen by an active community, much like what happens on Reddit, which can boost its popularity. In fact, many things shared on Reddit are hosted on Imgur. You can upload your videos on Imgur as private, but making them public means they'll be visible to the whole Imgur community.

14. LiveLeak

LiveLeak is a video-sharing site where users can post videos, particularly those related to politics, war, and global events. However, they are also allowed to upload any content of their choice. You can utilize this platform as an additional way to share your video content with a fresh audience.

15. Vimeo

Vimeo is a highly popular and easy-to-use platform for hosting videos on the internet. It stands apart from YouTube in several significant ways. Vimeo's focus is on creativity and top-quality productions, so it's a good idea to showcase your finest videos there. This way, you can connect with fellow users who value the artistic quality of your content more than its promotional aspects.

16. Marketing Emails

Email marketing remains a powerful way to boost sales because you're reaching out to people who are already interested. These are folks who have shown interest and are thinking about whether or not to buy. When you include your video content in your emails, you can offer extra value to persuade your customers to say yes and give your offer a try.

17. Medium

Adding your video to a public branded blog on Medium is a smart move to engage with readers who've been following your blog. It can provide extra value that might make them want to become customers. Even if you already have a blog on your company website, republishing it on Medium allows the Medium community to see, comment, and show appreciation for it, potentially attracting new audiences. Embedding a video in your blog is a helpful way to get more people to see both the blog and the video.

18. Instructables

If you have a how-to guide or tutorial video, Instructables could be a suitable platform for sharing it. This site is designed for people who enjoy doing DIY projects and taking matters into their own hands. Instructables has specific content guidelines, but if your video aligns with them, it's a great platform to present your video to an engaged audience. The kind of content found on Instructables is precisely the type of video content that can help you turn potential buyers into actual customers.

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19. Mix

Mix is the new version of the old StumbleUpon. It's like a curated StumbleUpon where content is sorted by interests, and users can make their own collections, kind of like Pinterest or Tumblr boards. It's a mix of good things from other popular platforms and has a user base of loyal StumbleUpon fans who stayed with the company after the change. To make the most of it, create public collections where you can share links to your videos.

20. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have a different purpose than regular posts on your main Instagram feed, so it's a good idea to approach them differently. Instead of trying to get new viewers, Instagram Stories are more about maintaining relationships with your existing followers. It's a perfect spot to give a sneak peek of a video or share it in short pieces. You can also use it for daily video content, like behind-the-scenes clips or quick tips that you can easily record on your smartphone and upload directly.        

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