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How to Optimize Video Landing Page to Gain More Leads

Increase your lead flow by optimizing your video landing page. Learn the best practices to attract, engage, and convert your audience.

Ryan Diyantara
October 13, 2023
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Looking to make your landing page look serious but are still wondering how to get the attention of website visitors? Then, landing page videos can be a solution that can change your business! Video is a type of content that can attract lots of leads to introduce your product or service. Videos are able to provide the message you want to convey and do not require time to read, and just sit and watch the video.

What is Video Landing Page?

A video landing page is a webpage with lots of videos. Some have only videos, while others add regular text and pictures like a normal page.

The main goal is to make visitors do something, like signing up for a newsletter, buying stuff, or joining a webinar. Video landing pages are about making a specific pitch, not building long-term relationships.

The video is crucial, but a clear Call to Action (CTA) is also important. If people don't know what to do after watching the video, a clear CTA guides them. It ensures you get all the conversions from your video.

Now, let's see why video is so good for conversion marketing.

How to Boost Conversions with Video Landing Pages

1. Set Goals

Make sure you have a goal you want to achieve through video in as much detail as possible before you create a video for your landing page. Through videos, you can direct your audience to provide information or directions based on the content of the video. Make your video contain short and concise information. Focus on the problem you want to solve through the product you are selling and make sure you know what you are getting out of.

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2. Give it a Touch of Emotion

This is the reason why video is a more impactful medium, video is able to convey strong emotional messages. Apart from being able to provide improvements to customers, videos can also provide an emotional touch to them.

3. Use a Clear CTA

Just relying on videos will feel insufficient to convince your potential customers. Having a clear message in the video is a good step. However, it would be even better if you added a CTA (Call to Action) to your video to increase visitor conversion.

4. Embed Video and Promote

It's time to add a video to your page. You can use a self-hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo and embed it into your landing page. Embedding is very simple, like inputting the HTML code from the hosted video and pasting the video code into the code editor. After that, test your video on the landing page with several devices and browsers to make sure the video runs smoothly. With your landing video ready, now is the time for you to promote it. Use email marketing, SEO, and other marketing techniques to drive traffic to your page. The more traffic you get, the more people you can convert.

Benefits of Video Landing Pages

video landing page

Simplifying Complex Products

Through video content, you can simplify complex concepts or demonstrations so they are easier for various audiences to understand. For example, a short video demonstrating a tech tool is easier to understand than 500 words of text. By providing visual explanations about products and services, videos lead to greater understanding than text explanations.

Improving the User Experience

With shorter attention spans, videos offer users easier and more engaging steps when digesting content. This leads to longer page visits, lower bounce rates, and a better overall user experience.

Forging Authentic Connections

Lastly, videos also make it easier for brands to show their human side. The content of the video feels more like a real-life connection between the brand and the viewer, which helps build trust and strengthen long-term relationships with clients over time.

Industries That Get a Lotof Benefits from Video Landing Pages

Real Estate

The Real Estate industry can benefit a lot from video landing pages. Because the real estate industry is very property-focused, agents can use video landing pages for property walkthroughs and virtual tours.

Instead of bringing prospective clients directly to the location, video landing pages can be the perfect overview for everyone with casual interest. If they like what they see, they can opt to view the property directly without wasting agents' time on a mismatched stage.

As a result, agents are left with more inquiries from engaging property pages and a high probability of clients making a deal when they enter the tour stage.

Retail and E-Commerce

Videos about product demonstrations are perfect for your business landing page. Why? The video is designed to showcase the advantages your product has to offer, highlighting cases and key features in a shorter, easier-to-understand format.

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Health and Wellness

The healthcare industry relies heavily on testimonials, which can be compelling in video format. When prospective clients see before and after content or want a success story, the video format feels more trustworthy and authentic compared to static photos or testimonial quotes.

Building trust with prospective clients is one of the things that the industry needs to pay attention to, so it makes sense to use video format because it is more effective in conveying messages.


Education is one of the most powerful industries for video landing pages. Course content is one type of content that is very suitable to be delivered via video format and placing the video on the landing page can help prospective students better understand the course they want to choose.

Whether the clip is short and sweet or provides full mini-lessons, teaser content can help students commit to the course or instructor they are looking for. Plus, if they are hooked by the mini version of the course, they can convert to buy the full version of the course.

Best Practices for Creating Video Landing Pages

Consistent Messaging

Because your video will be placed on a landing page, it is important for the video to provide an important and informational message. First, make sure the important points you make in the video align with the points you have made on the rest of the page.

Consider how your video can go beyond the context you have provided on the next page. It is very likely that the video you have provided on your landing page will get the most interaction compared to other content, therefore make sure you're doing it justice!

Mobile Optimization

Don't forget! Make sure you optimize your page for mobile users. In the video, the thing you have to pay attention to is the text on the cellphone layer which is relatively small. In some content, what is visible on a desktop display may be more difficult to read on a mobile device, so if you are in doubt, just use larger text for the important points you want to convey.

For the rest of the landing pages, make sure they are designed to be mobile responsive so they can be accommodated well for various devices and layer sizes. The majority of users use mobile devices to search, so never ignore mobile users!

A/B Testing

Lastly, make sure to treat the landing page video like any other work in progress. Similar to other work, you can also test videos such as video duration, CTA, landing page design, and other things. After you experiment and find the most successful combination, you will get optimal results in generating lots of potential leads.

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