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Client Spotlight: MarketScale Studio - You Need To Know About Market Scale

This guide provides everything you need to know about MarketScale in 2023. It covers topics like the company's history, products and services, and future plans.

Nurettin Demiral
December 27, 2022
MarketScale Studio

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What is MarketScale's mission?

MarketScale is the platform that helps enterprise B2B brands build fan bases and communities. Brands can use MarketScale's automation and decentralization to easily scale their media activities, empowering their internal subject matter experts as well as external partners. This enables businesses to unlock growth and transformation through content marketing, online learning, and more.

What type of company is MarketScale?

MarketScale Studio is a digital publishing platform that helps businesses build fan bases and communities online. Industries offered include Architecture & Design, Breaking Glass, Building Management and etc.

The first decentralized video platform built for B2B companies.

MarketScale Studio is a decentralized video platform designed to make it easy for companies to publish high-quality podcasts and grow their online communities. Their mission is to help businesses improve their skills and knowledge.

Some services by MarketScale

Original Series

MarketScale offers easy-to-use tools for creating and publishing high-quality episodic content. Episodic content is a popular format for streaming services and B2B media, and MarketScale makes it easy to create your own Original Series.

Virtual Events

Virtual events offer a way for brands to engage more people than ever before. MarketScale helps you produce world-class virtual events with ease, so you can connect with your audience in new and powerful ways.

Online Learning

MarketScale offers online learning that is world-class. MarketScale Learning helps you deliver high-quality education to your communities immediately. MarketScale Learning provides thought leadership, engaging content, and world-class technology to help you deliver education to your communities.

Go Live

The MarketScale Studio is a video conferencing service that lets businesses communicate with other MarketScale users. This integration allows businesses to stream live videos on popular channels such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Podcast Hosting and Recording

MarketScale is a leading podcast hosting and recording service that makes creating high-quality podcasts simple and easy. The platform offers easy HD recording, guest hosting, and post-production capabilities, making it the perfect tool for podcasters of all levels.

Recent guests on MarketScale podcasts include CEOs from top tech companies like Airbnb and Pinterest, as well as authors like Tim Ferriss. Whether you're just starting out or you've been podcasting for years, MarketScale is the perfect platform to help you grow your audience and reach new heights.

Request Media

Request Media offers a variety of services to help brands improve their media strategy. With company-provisioned tablets, phones, and cameras, or employees' own devices, anyone can become a videographer. This allows for quick and easy access to authentic and relevant video insights.

Requests can be made for content from colleagues or customers, making it an invaluable tool for B2B companies looking to improve their media strategy. MarketScale Studio is a tool that makes requesting video insights quick and easy, ensuring that the insights you receive are authentic and relevant.

Crowdsourced and Decentralized

MarketScale is a unique platform that enables brand leaders to request videos from any colleague or customer in their community. This allows for quick and easy response times to customer requests, as well as the ability to archive content easily.

MarketScale is a valuable tool for businesses that want to stay up-to-date with their customers and maintain a strong relationship with their employees.

B2B Industry Publishing

MarketScale offers a variety of content and services to help businesses grow. They serve as an engaging publisher with a growing community of end-users, making them best suited for businesses who need to publish content and engage their audiences in industries such as technology, marketing, and business growth.

Original Series and Podcasts

MarketScale Studio provides a technology platform for publishing companies to distribute their content online. Their platform is SEO-rich and B2B-only, making it easy to produce and distribute Shows with their managed service options.


MarketScale Studios is a video-first online learning platform that offers employees the ability to learn from scratch or brush up on their skills. The platform is easy to follow and provides an entertaining and engaging online learning experience.

Industry events

Industry events are a critical part of the business world. They help shape public opinion and can provide valuable insight for businesses. MarketScale provides real-time streaming of industry events to their clients, making it easy for them to stay up-to-date on what is happening in the industry. The platform is custom-built for seamless streaming, and the team is available to help guide creators to their first live broadcasts.

Build your own media channels to reach your audience and grow your business.

MarketScale Studio can help businesses produce episodic content and distribute it effectively to reach new audiences. With MarketScale, businesses can create and publish entertaining and educational B2B shows that engage their community and grow their subscriber base.

Community engagement is key for businesses looking to grow their subscriber base, so MarketScale provides the platform, production, and distribution to help businesses produce world-class virtual events.

Podcasts with MarketScale

Podcasts allow businesses to engage their community to live on all of their website channels, as well as on favorite podcasting platforms. Online learning is the future of B2B marketing and media; with MarketScale Learning, businesses can start an online university or academy.

The decentralized video platform built for B2B companies, MarketScale Studio makes it easy for companies to capture, record, and approve content for distribution, collaborate with their subject matter experts remotely in real-time, and host podcasts, roundtables, or panels.

What are the courses given by MarketScale?

MarketScale Studio offers courses on a range of topics, including content marketing and web development. The courses cover a variety of relevant topics for marketers and engineers, making MarketScale Studio an ideal provider of engaging and educational courses.

Leadership Essentials

Leaders need to be open to change and willing to experiment. They need a vision and be passionate about it. Leaders need to be organized and have a plan for achieving their vision. In this course, Professor Matt Houston will be with you for more!

Live Learning by MarketScale

Live Learning is a way for industry experts to share their insights with audiences. The course is the same quality as the traditional courses, delivered directly to audiences.

Fans First

MarketScale Studio's Jesse Cole teaching how to turn customers into fans is a must for anyone looking to grow their business organically. This course provides exclusive content and experiences that help growth, turning customers into fans creates a tremendous customer experience that helps growth.

Robotics in Business

Robotics in business refers to the use of robots in factories and other industrial settings. These machines have revolutionized manufacturing, making processes faster and more efficient. Robotics in business offers a range of benefits, including increased efficiency and faster production times. As robotics continues to grow in popularity, businesses are starting to take advantage of its benefits.

Manage like an Executive

If you're looking to improve your business, "Managing Like an Executive Course" can be a great way to reach your goals. Executive Chef Andre Natera has years of experience navigating the industry, and they know how to take charge and manage a team effectively.

They can also teach you some key skills that can help you succeed in any business setting. By following these tips, you'll be able to achieve success in the restaurant industry as well as in any other business venture.

Elevate Your Business

The MarketScale courses can help elevate your business, Jason McCann has proven strategies to share with you. Get ready for insights on how to Elevate Your Business by MarketScale.

B2B Marketing with Mike McCalley / Market Scale

Mike McCalley is an expert in B2B marketing, and he's ready to help you learn all about it. In this course, you'll learn about the unique challenges of B2B marketing, and how to overcome them. Mike's decades of experience will make this course invaluable for your career growth.

The Product Development Process

The product development process begins with an idea. You will need to engage in many different activities, such as ideation, prototyping, testing, and user feedback to make sure your product is successful.

There is a specific process you should follow to ensure your product is successful.

How MarketScale films videos by working with Get Camera Crew

MarketScale produces high-quality, relevant videos by working with Get Camera Crew. This company provides top-notch filming services that help ensure the videos are valuable and useful to viewers. As a result, viewers can expect informative and engaging content that is worth their time.

Get Camera Crew worked with MarketScale in Istanbul and Mumbai. If you want to film video projects with Get Camera Crew in many different areas, you can contact us now!

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