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Client Spotlight - Cornerstone onDemand

Cornerstone is a leading provider of compliance and performance management solutions. We've been rewarded for our efforts, winning awards for customer learning and performance (Won for customer US Xpress for learning) and DEI at Work. In this client spotlight, we'll tell you more about our award-winning products and services.

Nurettin Demiral
January 26, 2023
Cornerstone on Demand

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What are the solutions of Cornerstone - by need

Modern Learning Experience

The Modern Learning Experience is software that helps organizations unlock the power of skills by integrating them with learning management software. This makes it easier for employees to learn new skills and use them in their work.

Skill Development

Skill development is important for employees so they can keep up with the changing market. With Cornerstone Skills Graph, employees can customize their experience and get feedback on their progress. Managers can understand where employees are skill-wise by viewing their skill profiles and comparing them to the resources available.

Virtual Training / VILT

Virtual Training is a method of organizing and leading engaging, quality virtual training sessions. It is quick and easy to manage sessions with an intuitive administrator experience. Additionally, Virtual Training helps learners attend sessions in their favorite apps and view data about the learning goals of your workforce.

Compliance Management

Cornerstone provides compliance management software that can help you unleash the power of skills by consolidating and simplifying learning processes.

DEI at Work

There are many potential solutions for implementing DEI in the workplace. One way is to engage employees with personalized development and career exploration.

Another way is to automate recruiting to help ensure a consistent and accurate pool of applicants. Additionally, the goal of DEI is to create an individualized experience for every employee, so companies should focus on creating an inclusive environment that benefits all employees.

Content Skills and AI

Cornerstone offers AI solutions to help you make better, faster decisions. Cornerstone's AI powers on-demand dashboards that help you and your team make better decisions about skills and content. Cornerstone's AI helps you to create a more personalized experience for your learners.

Customer & Partner Training

Cornerstone's customer and partner training solutions help organizations keep key customers and partners engaged, deepen customer retention and value, and generate new value for users.

Customizable training journeys help organizations deliver the right information at the right time to the right people. Training drives results by helping users learn about your products and services in a way that is relevant to their needs.

Content Curation

Content curation can be used as a solution by Cornerstone. It is the process of selecting and organizing content to help you create agility and drive positive change. Curated content is tailored to empower positive change in your employees and help them achieve their goals.

What are the solutions of Cornerstone - by product

EdCast by Cornerstone

EdCast is a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides content for employees and customers. It has 7,000+ customers in 180 countries, making it the most widely used LMS in the world. The team at EdCast is made up of 3,000+ experts with a range of skills and knowledge to help you succeed.

Learning & Development (LMS)

The Cornerstone LMS solution is a single platform for automating assignments, providing completion records, and version control. The platform is integrated with AI to provide personalized learning experiences for each user. The solution can help you grow your people and business more effectively.

Extended Enterprise Training

The Extended Enterprise Training solution provides tailored learning for different audiences within an organization. The solution helps businesses extend learning to their entire ecosystem.


Cornerstone provides premium, award-winning learning content to help learners become leaders. The content is hand-selected and tailored to meet the needs of the learner.

Engagement Surveys

The benefits of using an engagement survey are that it can help you understand how your employees are feeling, and how their engagement is impacting your business. By measuring the impact of talent programs, you can gain a clear picture of employee engagement.

Performance Management

Cornerstone's tool can help organizations measure employee performance and identify areas for improvement. By connecting employee goals with business outcomes, Cornerstone's tool can help organizations improve their overall performance.

Recruiting & Onboarding

Cornerstone by-product offers recruiting solutions to find, match and onboard the best talent. The software helps to find candidates with the right skills and fit for the role and provides support throughout the recruitment process. This includes tools to help identify potential candidates, track their progress through the recruitment process, and onboard them once they have been hired.

Core HR Platform

The Cornerstone platform provides all the tools you need to support, reward, and engage your employees in a simple and efficient way. With Core HR, you can easily track employee performance, generate reports, and keep on top of your HR policies and procedures. Plus, the free trial version allows you to try out the platform before making any decisions.

  1. The Core HR Platform is designed to help simplify your HR processes, so you can better focus on what's important.
  2. You can use this platform to track employee performance, generate reports, and more.
  3. The Core HR Platform comes with a free trial version so you can try it out before making any decisions.

Workforce Planning

Cornerstone offers a data-driven workforce planning solution that helps organizations plan for the future by aligning employees to organizational goals.

Analytics & Reporting

Cornerstone offers predictive analytics and data insights to help organizations grow. The system is designed to help people grow and learn, with a work experience that is fluid and adaptive so that employees can grow with the organization.

Integrations & APIs

The integrations and APIs offered by Cornerstone are important because they allow the company to connect and manage its talent in a more flexible way.

Security and Privacy

Cornerstone offers a range of security and privacy solutions to help companies build a future-ready workforce. These solutions include data security, access control, identity management, and more. With these tools, organizations can protect their data and employees from potential threats.

Architecture and Platform

Cornerstone's architecture and platform are important because they help manage and automate the workforce. The platform is designed to help organizations keep track of employee performance and compliance. Additionally, the architecture allows for easy integration with other systems, making it a versatile tool for managing the workforce.

Awards of Cornerstone OnDemand

HR Tech Award (Won for Skills Graph)

Cornerstone won the HR Tech Award for its innovative and effective employee record management system. Their employee record management system helps to manage employee records more effectively and efficiently, helping to improve accuracy and compliance with labor laws.

The 2022 Telly Awards (6-time winner for Cornerstone Originals)

The Telly Awards are significant to the book because they are awarded for excellence in HR technology and have won 6 times for Cornerstone Originals.

ROI Awards - Customer Learning and Performance (Won for customer US Xpress for learning)

The ROI Award is a prestigious award given to companies that have demonstrated exceptional return on investment for their software development initiatives.

How Get Camera Crew Helped Cornerstone for Their Business

Get Camera Crew helped Cornerstone increase sales by filming testimonial videos for them in Bonn and Madrid. The testimonial videos showed potential customers how Cornerstone's products had helped real people and this increased confidence in the products.

Our company has a team of experienced professionals who are experts in video production. Get Camera Crew offers a wide range of services, including corporate video production, event videography, and more.

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