Instagram Reels vs Stories: Which is the Best for Engagement (2023)?

Seeking to boost engagement on Instagram? Unveil the battle of Instagram Reels vs Stories in 2023 and uncover which feature holds the key to better audience interaction. Find out the winning strategy for enhancing your online presence.

Ryan Diyantara
July 19, 2023
Instagram reels vs stories

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The battle between Instagram reels vs stories for better engagement is intense. While some people are enthusiastically embracing Instagram reels due to the popularity of TikTok, others argue that Instagram stories offer greater reach, especially for online businesses.

Instagram has emerged as a formidable platform with approximately 2.35 billion users worldwide. Determining how to reach your target audience and deciding whether Instagram stories or reels will help you expand your audience can be quite challenging.

To settle this ongoing debate, we have decided to reveal the ultimate winner by highlighting the key distinctions between Instagram reels and stories. In the article below, we have conducted an analysis to determine which option yields higher engagement and attracts more followers.

Without any further delay, let us now proceed to the article!

What are Instagram Stories?

instagram stories

Instagram Stories is a temporary multimedia format that enables you to share photos or videos with your audience. It has a maximum duration of 15 seconds, making it a great tool for sharing quick glimpses that don't necessarily fit into your regular posting routine.

Compared to other features, Instagram Stories tend to be more private since they are initially shared exclusively with your followers. They are designed to be fleeting and spontaneous, making them perfect for casually and creatively sharing everyday moments and updates with your followers.

What are Instagram Reels?

instagram reels

Instagram Reels is a recent addition to Instagram's features that allows users to produce vertical videos that are short and entertaining, typically ranging from 60 to 90 seconds in length. Introduced in 2020 as a response to TikTok's video format, Instagram Reels focuses on creating concise videos accompanied by background music, with an emphasis on specific themes.

Consider it as bite-sized snippets that help generate interest. For example, if you wish to present a list of five engaging and fun aspects of your product, this is the feature you would utilize.

The Difference Between Instagram Reels vs. Stories

1. Length

The duration of an Instagram reel can extend up to 90 seconds for certain accounts, while regular users can create reels of 15, 30, or 60 seconds, depending on their preference. On the other hand, Instagram stories have a maximum video length of 15 seconds, and if you upload a picture to your story, it will be displayed for a maximum of 7 seconds.

Therefore, if you aim to share lengthier content without dividing it into multiple parts, Instagram reels would be the optimal selection. It allows you to present your content seamlessly, whereas Instagram stories have shorter time limits for videos and pictures.

2. Format

An Instagram reel is presented as a brief video on your Instagram account, distinguishing it from Instagram stories. In contrast, an Instagram story can consist of a picture, video, or a feed from your Instagram account. Nevertheless, it is possible to include a reel within your Instagram story. Once you upload a reel, you have the option to share it on your story, notifying your followers of your new reel and encouraging them to check it out.

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3. Caption and Hashtags

When it comes to hashtags and captions, Instagram reels offer greater convenience. You can include complete captions in your Instagram reels and use up to 30hashtags, which is typically more than sufficient for most Instagram users. On the other hand, Instagram stories have limitations in this aspect. You can only add ten hashtags to your stories and there is no provision for separate captions. Instead, you can incorporate captions using the text feature. Therefore, for individuals who prioritize captions and hashtags, Instagram reels would be the preferable option.

4. Engagement

The primary objective of uploading content on Instagram is to garner engagement from active users. Both reels and stories can help you achieve the desired engagement for your Instagram business, but stories have the advantage of generating engagement through direct messages (DMs).

For instance, if you share a story related to your clothing business, individuals interested in purchasing your clothes can directly DM you to inquire about pricing and other details. This personalized attention can create a sense of a traditional business experience for each customer.

On the other hand, Instagram reels facilitate engagement through comments, similar to your regular feed posts. This type of engagement is particularly beneficial for influencers who may not have the time to individually engage with their fans through DMs.

Itis important to note that stories do not have features or visibility within the scrolling reels section. Instead, viewers can access your story by visiting your profile. Conversely, reels have the potential to go viral and appear in multiple users' feeds. Therefore, in terms of engagement, reels take the lead in this battle!

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5. Time

After posting a story on your Instagram account, it will automatically vanish after24 hours. If your message didn't reach your entire audience within that timeframe, you'll need to upload the story again. However, Instagram reels outshine stories in this aspect by staying on your account indefinitely until you choose to delete them yourself. This allows reels to have a lasting presence, unlike stories that have a limited duration.

6. Audio Focus

When it comes to the audio aspect of Instagram stories, you can add background music from the available music library to enhance your story. On the other hand, Instagram reels offer more flexibility. In reels, you have the choice to include music tracks from the music library or record and use your own voice as the audio focus. This allows you to create a more personalized and unique audio experience in your reels. In contrast, stories have limitations when it comes to audio focus, providing a more restricted range of options.

7. Editing

Lastly, let's discuss editing capabilities. Instagram reels offer various options for editing and filming. You can trim and align your clips with other footage, giving you more control over the final result. Additionally, you have the ability to create slow-motion effects or speed up your reels, adding a touch of fun.

Moreover, reels allow you to set a timer for recording purposes. However, when it comes to Instagram stories, the editing options are more limited. You can apply filters, choose from different layouts, and utilize camera effects. Adding filters, merging pictures using layouts, and incorporating stickers are the primary editing features available for stories. Unlike reels, you don't have the option to trim videos, align clips, apply multiple effects, and access other advanced editing tools.

When to Use Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories?

Everyone often wonders when it's appropriate to use Instagram stories versus Instagram Reels. Each serves a distinct purpose, so understanding when to utilize each of them is crucial.

Use Instagram Stories When

  • You want to foster connections with your audience.
  • You aim to engage with your followers.
  • You have an important update about yourself or your brand that you want to share.
  • You want to create highlights for your profile.
  • You wish to provide glimpses of your daily life to your followers.

Use Instagram Reels When

  • You want to promote your brand or someone else's.
  • You seek to gain popularity by creating high-quality content.
  • You want to actively engage with your audience.
  • You aspire to be featured in the explore section.

By considering these factors, you can determine the appropriate usage of Instagram stories and Reels based on your specific goals and intentions.

Wrapping Up!

We have reached the conclusion of the comparison between Instagram reels and stories. It is our hope that you now have a clear understanding of the strengths and advantages of each. To summarize, Instagram reels stand out as the superior choice when aiming for enhanced engagement and a larger follower base.

However, it is important to acknowledge that Instagram stories still hold value. They prove valuable for businesses seeking to provide personalized attention to their customers. Nonetheless, if you are faced with the decision to choose between the two, itis recommended to prioritize reels.

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