The Best Ways to Promote Your Videos with Facebook Ads: A Complete Guide (2023)

Want to take your video promotions to the next level? Our comprehensive guide to using Facebook Ads has you covered. From setting up effective targeting to creating compelling ad content, we'll show you how to make your videos stand out.

Ryan Diyantara
July 16, 2023
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Facebook has an expansive and well-defined userbase, making it one of the largest and most diverse social media platforms available. This is partly due to the extensive information it collects during user registration, including age, gender, location, interests, and hobbies. Such data is highly valuable for marketers seeking to target specific demographics.

In recent times, Facebook's algorithms have placed a significant emphasis on video content, prioritizing its display to users above other types of content. For businesses with exceptional commercials or brand videos, this shift in focus presents a golden opportunity.

By advertising your video on Facebook, you can increase its visibility by paying a relatively small sum, thereby spreading awareness of your brand and fostering engagement among your precise target audience. Facebook's user-friendly ads platform facilitates this process by enabling you to set up your campaign, choose the appropriate video placement, and launch your ads in just minutes.

Today, we will provide a detailed guide on precisely how to accomplish this. We will outline the steps involved in setting up your video advertising and distribution, offering you a convenient reference that can be utilized whenever you decide to launch your Facebook video ad campaign.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is a paid advertising service provided by Facebook to assist businesses in promoting their products, services or content. Ads that have been created then appear on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or other social media users who are under the Meta platform.

Published ads do not target all Facebook visitors and the like. You can target Facebook users based on a variety of criteria including demographics, interests, behavior and geographic location. Proper targeting methods help you reach relevant audiences and increase your chances of increasing sales, website traffic or building brand awareness.

The Benefits of Facebook Ads

1. Wider Audience Reach

Facebook Ads can reach a wider audience, while organic marketing only targets followers of your social media accounts. In fact, you can get customers from Facebook even though the main social media used is Instagram. This benefit has an impact on increasing website traffic and sales figures for your business.

2. Customizable Ads

You can customize ads created using Facebook Ads. These customizations can be ad statistics (e.g. advertising objectives, budgets and optimization strategies). You can also set your target audience based on demographics (age and gender), location, or interests as well as ad placement and formats. This convenience allows you to target a potential target audience to become buyers.

3. Budget Friendly

Facebook Ads are more cost-effective than traditional marketing media that use newspapers or television. You can create an advertising strategy according to the specified budget and get maximum profits. Of course, this benefit cannot be separated from setting a more specific target audience.

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4. A Discussable Call to Action

An interesting feature of Facebook Ads is a call-to-action (CTA) button that can be tailored to your business needs. CTA is very important because it can invite the audience to convert in the form of purchasing a product, subscribing to a newsletter, or simply consulting further. Facebook Ads also provides a variety of CTAs that you can choose from, for example 'Shop Now', 'Sign Up', 'Learn More', 'Subscribe', and 'Send WhatsApp Message'.

5. Easy to Track and Measure

It will be easier for you to track and measure ad performance and results. To experience these benefits, you must install Facebook Pixel to measure and optimize ads. There are also ads components that can be monitored or measured consisting of the number of website visitors, their activity on website pages, and conversion rates. This measurement, of course, depends on the marketing objectives and the metrics to be measured.

6. Retarget Potential Customers

Facebook Ads are also useful in re-targeting potential target audiences. They are people who have visited your website or application, but have not made a transaction. Re-targeting can also be done to customers who have already purchased a product to transact again to increase their loyalty. You need a Facebook Pixel to experience this benefit.

How to Promote Videos with Facebook Ads

1. Create an Account with Facebook Ads Managers

To begin using Facebook Ads Manager, it is necessary to have a Facebook Business Page. This is because personal profiles cannot be used to run ads. Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Register an account with Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Access the Ads Manager by visiting
  • Click on the "Go to Ads Manager "button.
  • Verify your details on the ad account setup page.
  • Configure your preferred payment method.
  • Save any changes made.

Once these steps are completed, the Ads Manager will serve as the central control hub for managing your Facebook ads.

2. Create Your Campaign

facebook ads

Choose a campaign objective that aligns with your desired outcome. At this point, you should already have a clear goal in mind, such as attracting new customers, engaging with current visitors, nurturing leads, or delighting existing customers. Facebook provides recommendations to help you select the most suitable marketing objective.

Once you access your Ads dashboard, click on the "Create" button. You will be presented with the option to switch between Quick Creation and Guided Creation. While both options are similar, Guided Creation offers more visual guidance for easier setup. In this case, we will proceed with Guided Creation.

For our Frog Legs video ad, our primary objective is to generate excitement and encourage viewers to watch the video, thereby increasing brand awareness. Therefore, we will select the objective of video views.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to set a budget for your campaign. Facebook will distribute the budget across all your ad sets, allocating more to the ad set that performs better.

Although it is not mandatory, we recommend setting a budget to establish financial limits and prevent overspending. You can choose between a daily or lifetime budget. In this instance, we will opt for a daily budget of $100.

3. Name Your Campaign and Choose Special Ads Category

Give your campaign a meaningful and descriptive name that accurately reflects its purpose. Choosing a clear name will simplify the identification and management of your campaigns in the future. Consider utilizing a naming convention that incorporates relevant details, such as the campaign objective, target audience, or promotional period. In this instance, we named our campaign "promotion video" to specifically indicate the type of video being used.

Facebook offers special ads categories to ensure effective targeting of your desired audience while adhering to anti-discrimination policies. These categories are designed to prevent discriminatory practices and ensure fair ad targeting across sensitive attributes like age, gender, race, and more. Depending on your business nature or the content you are promoting, you must select the appropriate special ads category: housing, employment, credit, or social issues.

4. Pick Your Target Audience

Do you have a clear understanding of your buyer's persona? It's essential to have this information well-defined beforehand, as it serves as a guiding force for all your marketing initiative. Your buyer's persona should provide a comprehensive outline of your target audience, including their shared characteristics, demographics, and the most effective ways to engage with them.

5. Pick Ads Placement

After preparing your audience, the next step is to determine the specific place where your ads will be displayed. To accomplish this, it is crucial to understand your product or service, your target audience, the platforms they frequent, and the length and format of your video. The ideal ad placement for a nationwide fashion ecommerce website will differ from that of a local golf club, for instance. Additionally, you have the option to specify whether you prefer to target Android or iOS users, which is particularly beneficial when promoting a mobile app.

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6. Budgeting

Proceed by establishing the limits for your daily and lifetime budgets, as well as determining the schedule for running your ads. If you don't have a specific preference regarding the schedule, it is advisable to allocate a period of 72 hours to evaluate the performance of your ads before making any adjustments to optimize engagement during peak periods.

7. Upload Video

Now it's time to unleash the magic! It's the moment to select your video creative and upload it to the platform.

Begin by choosing the relevant Facebook Page and/or Instagram account associated with your ad.

You have two options: you can either create a new ad or utilize a previously published post. If you have already shared your video on your Facebook page, complete with an engaging caption, there is no need to duplicate it. Simply click on "Use Existing Post" and select the desired video.

For a new post, you will need to select the desired format and upload your video.

Since our objective is to advertise a single video, we will choose the "Single Video" format rather than "Slideshow."

Once your video is ready, it's time to customize it further. Choose a captivating thumbnail from the options provided by Facebook. In case none of the provided options suit your preferences, you can upload a custom thumbnail. 

While not obligatory, you also have the option to edit your video captions, which can enhance audience engagement.

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8. Create Your Copy and Set URL for Campaign

Unleash your creativity and communicate with your audience in a way that reflects their own voice while striving to stand out. Experiment with different variations of your copy to identify which drives better cost per view and click-through rates.

In addition, establish a target URL that directs users to your landing page or website, enabling them to explore and learn more about your services. When setting up this URL, Facebook provides the opportunity to include a captivating headline and a descriptive news feed link description. If you have a specific deal or offer, make the most of it by incorporating a powerful call to action.

For accurate measurement of your results, we recommend utilizing a UTM link. This link will enable you to precisely track specific actions taken on your website, helping you evaluate the success of your campaign. It will also assist in identifying which audience segment generates higher sales, engagement, and revenue.

Lastly, take the time to review all elements of your ad. Ensure everything appears satisfactory. If you are pleased with the outcome, the final step is to click "Confirm." Within a short span of time, your new ad will begin delivering impressions to your intended audience.

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