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An Ultimate Guide to Corporate Interview Video Production

Are you looking to create a powerful corporate interview video? This guide will teach you the basics of video production, from planning and setting up the shoot to editing and marketing. With detailed instructions and helpful tips, you'll be able to produce high-quality footage that will impress your clients and boost your career.

Nurettin Demiral
January 19, 2023
Interview Video Production

Table of Contents

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What are the steps to shoot corporate interview videos effectively

Step 1: Define the purpose of the interview-style video

The first step for proper planning and organizing a corporate video shoot is to understand the purpose of the video. This includes researching the target audience to determine what issues they are looking to solve and what appeals to them. Once this information has been determined, it is possible to set a budget and deadline for the project.

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Step 2: Research the interviewees

The importance of researching the interviewees before a corporate video shoot cannot be overstated. Knowing as much as possible about the interviewee's experience and expertise can help establish a rapport and encourage natural conversation during the shoot.

This is beneficial for both sides, allowing the interviewer to ask pertinent questions while providing an environment where the interviewee feels comfortable expressing their thoughts without feeling like they have been pre-programmed or rehearsed.

Step 3: Choose the right interviewee

It is important to choose the right interviewee for a corporate video shoot because they should be comfortable speaking in front of the camera and have a natural sense of presence. The person chosen should also be able to act naturally in the video shoot environment and channel their emotions into the footage.

This will help create a successful corporate video that accurately conveys emotion, message, and tone.

Step 4: Plan for an adequate amount of time for the interview

When shooting a corporate video, it is important to plan for an adequate amount of time for the interview. This will ensure that the video footage is of high quality and captures the desired emotions, allowing for a successful outcome.

Additionally, it will help provide an atmosphere that is relaxed and thoughtful which helps create better connections between the interviewer and interviewee.

Ultimately, this can lead to a more informative experience with higher chances of success in conveying information or making an impact on viewers.

Step 5: Ask the right questions

The interviewer should ask questions that are relevant to the corporate video shoot and easy to answer. They should also prompt interviewees for specific examples or answers and ask follow-up questions to ensure they have covered all necessary points.

It is important to ask questions in a logical order in order to better understand the subject matter. Lastly, it is beneficial for the interviewer to end with a final thought question, asking interviewees to clarify their answers or provide another response.

Step 6: Prepare for the shoot

To prepare for a corporate video shoot, the first step is to meet with the interviewees in advance in order to build rapport and get to know them better. It is also important to practice beforehand so that everything runs smoothly during filming.

Additionally, before starting the shoot, ensure that all lighting and sound elements are properly set up for optimal results. Lastly, it's important for interviewees to remember there is no pressure on them to look perfect on camera - they can redo an answer as many times as necessary if needed.

Step 7: Set up the camera

When setting up a camera for a corporate video shoot, it's important to ensure that the main camera is properly positioned and supported. To capture additional angles, consider adding a second camera to the setup. Additionally, make sure to have enough fill lights on hand to prevent spots and shadows from appearing in the shots.

Before beginning filming, ensure that all audio is tested and everyone involved is ready for production. Lastly, take extra care in setting up the cameras as mistakes or errors during filming can be difficult and costly to correct afterward.

Step 8: Create a timeline

Creating a timeline for a corporate video shoot is important in order to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of when they need to be on set and can plan their schedules accordingly, as well as avoid last-minute changes.

Having a timeline also helps the production team more efficiently use resources, plan out how long each section of the video will be and where cuts need to be made, and capture every scene in the best possible way.

Step 9: Create a storyboard

Creating a storyboard for a corporate video shoot is important as it helps to organize and plan the entire video shoot. A storyboard can help ensure that all the right shots are captured, that the narrative is conveyed in an effective way, and that all characters and locations are properly accounted for.

Ultimately, this helps to streamline the production process, making sure no key components of the video are left out or forgotten.

Step 10: Film the video

It is important to film the video last in order to have more creative freedom and a better final product. This allows for better editing of the video, which involves selecting the best footage, removing unnecessary parts, and adding sound and graphics to make it engaging. Having a finished video file that is properly formatted for different platforms will also help ensure the best viewing experience.

Step 11: Compress the video

It is important to compress the video in order to reduce its file size, making it easier and faster to upload and stream online. Compression also prevents audio and video quality from being degraded when playing on different devices or platforms.

By optimizing videos for specific formats, viewers can get the best quality experience tailored for their device.

Step 12: Add subtitles

Subtitles can be important in a corporate video shoot as they provide the context of the questions being asked, making it easier to edit out certain parts of an interview.

Furthermore, subtitles make it easier to understand the questions that were asked and their corresponding answers without having to strain or rewind through the video.

Step 13: Share the video

It is important to share the corporate video once it is created in order to reach a wider audience and spread the message. Sharing the video on social media with a call to action can be an effective way of engaging viewers while breaking it into small segments that can be shared on the website or with players giving viewers more options for viewing.

Step 14: Monitor the video's performance

It is important to monitor the performance of a corporate video in order to ensure that all scenes are lit correctly, sound levels are appropriate and balanced, and that the overall product meets the desired quality standards.

Monitoring performance also helps with identifying potential issues before they become major problems during production or post-production stages. With proper monitoring of performance, a company can make sure its video reaches its audience with maximum impact.

Step 15: Track your analytics

It is important to track analytics after a corporate video shoot in order to gain insights into how effective the content was and how it can be improved. By tracking analytics, users can understand which portions of their video were the most popular, as well as obtain personal information such as name and location.

Additionally, tracking analytics allows users to better target ads based on past visits or demographics and save time by helping them remember login details. Ultimately, this data will help improve the quality of future videos produced.

Why you should hire a video agency for interview video production

Hiring a video agency for interview video production is important because it allows businesses to quickly and efficiently produce high-quality videos that they can use in their marketing strategies. With the help of experienced professionals, companies can ensure that their interview videos are engaging, compelling, and up to their desired standards.

Furthermore, the team at a video agency has knowledge of social media platforms and how best to utilize digital media in order to reach target audiences. Hiring a video agency for interview video production also offers businesses the benefit of free consultations in order to determine goals and needs. This allows them to create videos that are tailored specifically toward meeting those objectives.


What is an interview video?

An interview video can be a great tool in the job interview process, as it allows potential employers to get an up-close look at an applicant and gain insight into their personality and skills. By providing employers with a visual representation of themselves, applicants can showcase their knowledge and experience in a manner that is both informative and engaging.

Ultimately, an interview video gives applicants the opportunity to demonstrate why they are the best fit for the role on offer.

What are the different types of interview videos?

Different types of interview videos have different benefits and can be used effectively in different ways. Common types of interview videos include explainer videos, team profile videos, and team interviews.

Explainer interview videos are typically used to provide a concise overview of a company or product, while team profile video interviews can help to introduce the core members of an organization and their roles within it.

Team interviews are ideal for getting a better understanding of the qualifications and experience of potential job candidates. Each type of interview video has its own purpose and should be carefully considered when making hiring decisions or other business-related decisions.

What are the benefits of corporate interview videos?

The benefits of corporate interview videos can be wide-ranging. They can help increase brand awareness, lead retention, and concept explanation. Corporate interviews are also cost-effective and versatile, making them suitable for use across various sales funnels stages and throughout a business. Additionally, they can be used in social media posts, emails, website content, and more to engage viewers.

How do you prepare for a corporate interview video?

Ask clear and concise questions that are easy to understand while avoiding ambiguity or technical jargon where possible. Finally, end the interview by asking your subject for any final thoughts they would like to share before wrapping up the production of your corporate video.

Additionally, do some research on your subject beforehand so you can better tailor your approach during the filming process based on their personality style.

How do you edit corporate interview videography?

The best way to edit a corporate interview video is to use the best parts of the interview and create a flow from one question to another. This can be done using video editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

How do you promote interviews videos?

Promoting a corporate interview video can be done in a variety of ways, such as through social media, email campaigns, and paid advertisements. Additionally, it is important to ensure the video is optimized for search engine visibility by including relevant keywords and phrases throughout the video's metadata.

How to find the best videographer to shoot an interview

There are a few key things to look for when trying to find the best videographer to shoot an interview. The first is experience - you want someone who has shot interviews before and knows how to capture the best sound and footage. The second is equipment - you want someone with high-quality, professional equipment that will produce great results.

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