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Top 10 Corporate Video Production Companies in Canada (2023 Edition)

Looking for top-notch corporate video production agencies in Canada? Explore our 2023 edition of the Top 10 list to find the perfect partner for your business needs.

Ryan Diyantara
July 25, 2023
video production companies in Canada

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Video production services can bring significant advantages to businesses. Currently, Video Production Companies in Canada are excelling in producing top-quality video content. Opting for a well-crafted, high-quality video not only showcases professionalism but also has the potential to enhance a company's overall image. Additionally, professional video production companies possess in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge video technologies, streaming methods, and distribution platforms. However, selecting the right Video Production Company in Canada can be challenging due to the abundance of options available, and businesses may not always be fully aware of the technical aspects involved.

To simplify the decision-making process, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Video Production Companies in Canada:

1. Get Camera Crew

Get Camera Crew has established a strong presence in the film and television industry, specializing in crew services and equipment rentals since 1987. Their team's expertise has been cultivated through practical experience on various sets, complemented by MFA qualifications, which equips them with valuable on-location knowledge. Available around the clock, their dedicated and experienced staff provides unwavering support and expertise to clients. The company's success is evidenced by the impressive roster of notable clients the have served, including AWS (Amazon Web Services), Kaspersky, Maps, Alcon, and Wooshii.

With a collective experience of over 80 years, Get Camera Crew has collaborated with some of the nation's finest filmmakers, contributing to the creation of large-scale commercials and music videos. Their professionalism transcends geographical boundaries, having filmed in 25 different countries. In addition to their own production work, they now offer a marketplace connecting clients with exceptional local camera operators, producers, and video creators in countries, including Canada. This ensures that anyone seeking top-notch video production services can discover the perfect match through Get Camera Crew's extensive network of skilled professionals.

2. Key West

KeyWest, located in Toronto, stands as a leading provider of corporate video production services in Canada. With an esteemed team of award-winning producers, video editors, directors of photography, and animation experts, the possess the ability to breathe life into your creative concepts.

Engaging Key West for your corporate video entails tapping into over 30 years of professional experience. They adeptly handle every aspect of the production journey, from meticulous pre-production planning to skillful editing and the addition of music, ensuring a seamless and captivating final product.

3. Black Box Productions

video production companies in canada

BlackBox Productions introduces groundbreaking production services in Montreal and Toronto. They pride themselves on offering complete solutions, starting from scripting and conceptualization, all the way through execution, post-production, and final delivery. Their unwavering dedication is to ensure that the content they create is of the highest quality and ultimately aligns with their clients' business objectives. Renowned brands, such as Air Miles, have entrusted Black Box with elevating their video production requirements to new heights.

Asa prominent Canadian company, Black Box has emerged as a leader in assisting brands in evolving into their best and most user-friendly versions. When Baileys sought a more impactful and powerful video strategy to achieve nationwide goals, Black Box devised a focused approach that continues to yield results to this day. Their method involved refining their client's unique voice and visual identity, making them more effective and compelling in the competitive digital landscape.

4. Minifridge Media

Minifridge Media holds the belief that a skillfully crafted corporate video has the power to convey your business concept and value to potential clients more efficiently than text or images ever could.

With this mission in mind, they are fully committed to producing impactful video content for businesses, brands, agencies, and organizations. Their team comprises some of the most talented professionals in the production industry. While their expertise lies in creating corporate videos, training videos, and C-Suite commercials, Minifridge Media is also well-equipped to undertake a diverse array of commercial and promotional video projects.

5. Webdew

video production companies in canada

At Webdew, you'll find captivating and effective videos that go beyond merely achieving targets for their clients; they also aid in establishing a robust online presence. With a team of certified professionals serving global clients seamlessly, they possess expertise in crafting a wide range of video styles, including 3D animated, 2D animated videos, explainer videos, product demos, video ads, social media videos, testimonials, onboarding videos, and more. Guided by values of integrity, commitment, continuous learning, passion, and teamwork, Webdew is dedicated to delivering exceptional services to their valued clients.

6. Sailfin Productions

Sailfin Productions firmly believes that every business possesses a distinctive and significant story to share, regardless of its size. Being a Toronto-based video production company, they are committed to enhancing your brand's digital presence with visually dynamic and competitive content.

Their collaborative approach involves closely working with clients throughout the entire process, from concept development to post-production, ensuring complete satisfaction at every stage. Ultimately, their goal is to bring your unique narrative to life through a high-quality video that sets you apart from the competition, making a lasting impression on your audience.

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7. Unikron

Unikron,a corporate video production company based in Toronto, is fueled by the creative prowess of Manuel Rodriguez, Alex Weisz, and Sergio Lasky. With over15 years of collective experience in the industry, they are passionate about crafting captivating, impactful, and authentic videos to establish meaningful connections with audiences.

Being a leading marketing agency in Toronto, Unikron offers their expertise in producing a wide range of videos, including corporate, training, and promotional content. Moreover, they excel in managing all aspects of production, editing, and camera work for existing projects, providing comprehensive solutions to meet their clients' diverse needs.

8. On Point Video Productions

video production companies in canada

OnPoint Video Productions stands as one of the leading video production companies in Toronto. Boasting an extensive 40+ years of experience in Corporate Video Production, they are dedicated to delivering the highest quality videos to their clients.

In addition to their expertise in Corporate Video Production, the company offers a diverse array of additional services. These include Promotional Videos, Product Videos, Explainer Videos, Testimonial & Interview Videos, Training Videos, "How-To" Videos, and Thought-Leadership Videos, providing a comprehensive range of video solutions to cater to various needs.

9. Signature Video Group (SVG)

SVG is a leading video production company and content agency based in Toronto. Their expertise lies in transforming company narratives into impactful video that yield tangible results. Their specialization encompasses a wide range of video types, including broadcast commercials, documentary-style branded content, corporate communications, product demos, event films, aerial cinematography, and content marketing. Through their creative business, they craft various videos, such as commercials, documentaries, and branded films, that cater to the diverse needs of their clients.

Everyday, SVG collaborates with renowned companies to breathe life into their stories through powerful videos. Whether the objective is to educate, inspire, or engage the audience, SVG is adept at achieving the desired outcomes. A notable project involved collaborating with Cushman and Wake fields, a commercial real estate firm, where Signature Video Group produced a brand video showcasing the company's diverse offerings.

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10. Ajax Creative

Located in Toronto, Ajax operates as a comprehensive video production company that collaborates with various brands, businesses, and agencies on a wide spectrum of projects. Beyond their expertise in creating emotionally engaging campaigns, they offer services for producing commercials and branded video content.

Ajax Creative serves a broad clients, ranging from medium-sized companies to Fortune500 giants, having worked with esteemed names like Unilever, Air Canada, Virgin, and Microsoft in the past.

Which Video Production Companies in Canada Should I Choose?

With so many video production companies in Canada, you might be confused about choosing one. However, with due consideration, it will be easier to find the best video production company for you. Use video production services that provide the best services, such as Get Camera Crew.

At Get Camera Crew, we take the time to understand your vision and goals for your content. Whether you need compelling commercials, engaging corporate videos, or powerful branded content, we've got you covered. Our all-encompassing services cater to diverse businesses, and we handle every aspect of production, from concept development to the final edit.

No project is too big or too small for us. We specialize in a wide range of content types, including event video coverage, commercials, testimonials, and more. Our commitment to quality and creativity sets us apart, making us your ultimate partner for visually striking and emotionally resonant videos.

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