Top 15 Video Marketing Stats for 2024

Curious about video marketing? Explore our 2024 Stats and discover easy ways to improve your online presence. Stay ahead with simple strategies!

Ryan Diyantara
November 21, 2023
Video Marketing Stats

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Did you know that most people, about 91% prefer  watching videos? Using video marketing is really strong, so if you're not doing it, you're missing out. Videos are great for getting people's attention and making your brand successful. This is especially true now, and we'll see why in the video marketing stats below. Whether you own a business, do marketing, or create content, it's important to understand video marketing. This helps you stay ahead and make the most of your online presence.

This article will look at the top 15 video marketing stats and trends for 2024. We'll explore the best ways to get great results in your video marketing. From watching videos on phones to using social media, doing live streams, and making personalized content, we'll find out the important trends in the industry. We'll also see how you can use them to make your brand successful.

1. Video is Taking Over Website Traffic

Video makes up 82.5% of all the stuff people do on web traffic in 2023!

This is a really good video marketing fact because it shows that more than four out of five internet users watch videos on different places like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others. It also means that videos are the most important and powerful kind of stuff on the internet, beating out words, pictures, and sound.

To connect with people online, you have to make and share videos that grab their attention and interest.

2. Video Marketing Is Reaching Millions of Viewers

In the US, there are 244.4 million people who watch digital videos.

This means that over two-thirds of the people in the US watch videos online using different devices and places. It's a big opportunity for video marketing to connect with and impact lots of consumers in the US.

If you want to make your audience bigger and make your business grow in 2023, you should have a good video marketing plan. The people making your videos should create and share video content that deals with what your audience wants and likes.

3. Businesses Are Using Video Marketing to Achieve Success

Lots of businesses use video marketing to connect with their audience because it's a really popular and effective strategy. Video marketing stats tell us that 60%of businesses use videos to talk to their customers and potential customers. You can use videos on different places like social media, websites, email, or Apps.

4.Video Marketing Is Liked by Video Marketer and Customers

Video Marketing Stats

In 2023, 91% of people want to see more videos from brands, and 86% of marketers use videos for content marketing.

People like watching videos from brands that tell them interesting, funny, or inspiring things. Video marketers gain from using videos to show what their brand is like, what it offers, and what customers think.

If you want your audience to like your content, make sure your video marketers come up with a smart plan when making videos.

5. Video Marketing Generates High ROI

Most people, about 66%, think that short videos are the most interesting stuff on social media, and 92% of video marketers say they've done well with video marketing.

People like short videos that are fun, teach them something, or make them feel good. At the same time, video marketers get more people watching, sharing, commenting, and clicking on their videos.

6. Video Marketing Is Convincing Your Leads to Buy

Videos really make a difference in convincing people to buy things, with 84% saying they were persuaded by watching videos.

Using video marketing lets you show what you have, answer any questions your customers might have, and make them trust and believe in you.

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7. Video Marketing Boost Your Organic Traffic & Conversion

One of the best marketing facts for 2023 is that video content can make your organic traffic go up by 157%, make your conversion rate go up by 80%, and make people remember your brand better by 95%!

With video marketing, you can achieve three important goals for your website and pages: getting more people to visit, getting more leads, and making people more loyal.

Video marketing helps bring more visitors to your site by making your SEO ranking and social media presence better. It can also make them want to do something, like using explainer videos to show what you offer, solving their problems, and showing that other people like your stuff. Video marketing also makes an emotional connection, tells a story, and makes your brand stand out.

8. Video Marketing Is Growing With Live Streaming

Livestreaming is set to grow by 13.5% each year until 2027, making it not just popular but also a content type that's still getting bigger for both people who watch videos and those who make them.

According to these facts about marketing, live streaming lets you make real and interesting videos that connect with your audience right away. You can also show what your brand is like, what it offers, and what customers think.

What's more, live streaming can get you more people watching, sharing, commenting, and clicking than videos you record. It also has other good things like:

  • It can make more people see and know about you by reaching out to new groups and places.
  • It can make people trust and believe in you by showing that you're open and know your stuff.
  • It can make people talk to you and give their thoughts by letting them ask questions and share opinions.
  • It can make people stay with you and like you by creating a feeling of belonging and specialness.

Livestreaming is a strong way to use video marketing for your business. Whether you want to make explainer videos, host a webinar, answer questions, launch a product, or show behind-the-scenes, it can help you do what you want with your marketing and make your audience happy.

9. Video Marketing Improve Memory and Learning!

Stats on video marketing reveal that 95% of people remember things better after watching a video compared to reading text.

To reach a crucial marketing goal for your brand, making customers remember it, use video. Through video, you can convey your message clearly and briefly, using what people can see and hear to emphasize your points.

Moreover, video marketing will trigger your customers' feelings, curiosity, and imagination, making them more involved and intrigued by your brand. You'll also leave a strong memory with your customers, making it more likely for them to remember your brand and do something about it.

10. Video Marketing Is More Interactive

If you want a great online video marketing statistics, consider that interactive videos can boost completion rates by 36% compared to regular videos. The best part is that video marketing can involve interaction.

Online videos, such as ads and other marketing videos, become more interesting and tailored when your audience can make choices, answer questions, or give feedback. Interactive videos offer more value and relevance to your customers while gathering additional data and insights from them. They also lower bounce rates, enhance retention rates, and improve conversion rates.

11. Create Videos for Instagram

Nine out of ten Instagram accounts that are regularly used follow at least one business.

When users follow a business on Instagram, they get to explore what products or services the business offers, get to know their brand story and values, and participate in their content and community. When creating a marketing video for your business on Instagram, highlight your personality, creativity, and social responsibility. Also, utilize various types of content like photos, videos, stories, reels, or live streams.

12. YouTube Marketing For The Win!

Most people, about 90%, will see your promotional videos on YouTube.

YouTube is the go-to place for watching videos, with nine out of ten viewers choosing it. It provides videos on lots of topics, styles, and types, meeting various business interests and requirements. YouTube also has a big audience, with more than 2 billion users every month. These users watch more than 1 billion hours of video each day. Therefore, make sure to keep your business marketing strategy up to date with an active account on YouTube.

13. Video Marketing Drives Engagement

One of the most important video marketing facts for 2023 is that videos on social media can get 1200% more shares than a combination of text and image content.

So, it's a good idea to make more videos that people want to share and find interesting, spreading your message and making more people aware of your brand. Social media videos allow you to display your brand's character, what you offer, and what your customers think.

Social media marketing videos can:

  • Make more people see and know about you by reaching new groups and using platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Make people trust and believe in you by showing that you're open and know your stuff.
  • Make your sales process and earnings better by getting more people to visit your website or pages and become leads.

14. Video Ads Have a Much Higher CTR

Video advertisements are among the best digital ad types for grabbing your audience's attention and keeping them interested. They boast an average click-through rate(CTR) of 1.84%, which is the highest compared to all other digital ad formats.

Out of every 100 peoples who view a video ad, nearly two of them will click on it and go to the advertiser’s website or landing page. This stands out as a considerable advantage over other ads, like banner ads, which only have an average CTR of 0.12%.

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15. Your Emails Video Marketing Leads to Higher Open Rates

Using videos in your emails can make them 19% more likely to be opened! Videos are great for grabbing your audience's attention and improving your email marketing. For example, if you include the word "video" in the subject line, more people tend to open the email. This is because videos naturally catch people's interest and make them want to click and see more.

When you make video content for marketing, make sure to have a subject line that describes the video and includes the word "video." Also, put the video inside the email so people can easily watch it.

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