5 Ways Product Video Can Help Boost Your Sales

Maximize your sales potential with product videos! Uncover 5 effective methods to use videos and drive more sales for your products.

Ryan Diyantara
February 28, 2024
Product Video

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You have many ways to share your brand's special message, but the most convincing one is video. People prefer to buy things they can see and understand clearly. By putting product videos on your website, you can increase the number of people who buy from you (which means more customers will finish their purchase.)

In this blog post, we'll talk about why videos are important for an online store, give you some tips on using videos well, and show you some great examples of product videos.

Why Use Product Videos in Your Online Store

5 Tips for Shooting Product Videos - YouTube

Let's talk about why adding videos to your online store and product display can be a good idea:

Videos Help Sell Products

Information gathered by Invesp shows that watching a video can really affect whether customers decide to buy:

  • 74% of people who watch a video explaining a product end up buying it.
  • Product pages that include videos perform 80% better than those without.

These numbers show that videos are a great way to persuade potential customers to pick your products over others and become paying customers.

Videos Speaks Volume

Did you know that 60% of shoppers prefer watching a video about a product rather than reading a description? When you think about it, it's not surprising. Product videos can provide more information about your product and are easier to understand.

In videos, you can demonstrate how the product works or talk about its features in detail, making it simpler for potential customers to decide if it's right for them.

Product review videos are among the most popular types of video content (Source: Statista).

Videos Keep People on Your Site Longer

If you run an online store, you want visitors to spend more time on your site. That's not only good for sales but also for SEO, as it tells search engines that people find your site interesting.

However, most people spend less than a minute on a webpage. Luckily, videos can change that! They can catch people's attention and make them stay on your site for longer.

How to Use Product Videos

How to make a product video – 5 Tips for making better product videos

Now that we've talked about why videos are important for business owners, let's see how you can use them in your online store.

Show Off Your Product’s Features and Benefits

Videos are a great way to explain what makes your products special. You can use them to:

  • Show how your product looks in real life (especially if you sell clothes, accessories, furniture, etc.).
  • Explain what your product is made of (useful for cosmetics, skincare, food & drinks, etc.).
  • Highlight what makes your product different from others.

For example, Purple teamed up with the What's Inside YouTube channel to make a video showing what's inside their pillows and comparing them to other brands. The video did a great job of showing the unique benefits of the product without being too pushy.

Product demonstration videos are also great for products with moving parts—like exercise equipment, bikes, musical instruments, and more. A short video showing the product in action is much more convincing than just words or pictures.

Explain How to Use Your Product

If your products need assembly or have complicated instructions, videos can make them much easier to understand. Make a video guide for each product to show customers exactly how to use it.

Explainer videos are helpful for breaking down complex products and making them easier to understand. If you sell tech gadgets or other complicated items, explainer videos can be really useful. But even if you sell simple things like skincare products, explainer videos can help.

Display a Lifestyle Video

Lifestyle videos show the product in action and help potential customers understand how it fits into their lives. They help people imagine themselves using the product, which convinces them to buy it.

The key to lifestyle videos is to show the lifestyle your customers want to have, the life they dream of.

For example, if you sell accessories, don't just show models wearing your products—dress the models how your target audience wants to dress. Use props and film in fun places that make sense for the product and your target audience.

Show Social Proof with Customer Testimonials and UGC Videos

User-generated content (UGC) means videos and photos made by real customers about your product. These videos are powerful because they show other customers that real people use and like your products. They're more trustworthy than written testimonials. They're honest and people trust them more than any marketing message you make.

If your customers already use and enjoy your products, ask them to share their experience with a video or two! Ask them how the product helps them in their daily lives, what they enjoy about it, and so on. Or, if you've worked with influencers for a review, you can use their videos again and put them on product pages.

Customer testimonial videos are useful for any business, but they're especially good for services because making different types of videos for them can be harder.

Add a Tutorial Video

Tutorial videos teach people about your products. They're a good way to show what your product can do and increase sales over time.

Tutorial videos are helpful for any store that sells products with lots of features. For example, if your business sells digital cameras, you can make a tutorial video showing how to use your camera to take better photos at night. You can use tutorial videos to help customers get creative with your product and give them tips and tricks.

5 Ways to Use Product Video to Boost Your Sales

Product Video

Make videos shoppable

Shoppable videos are videos where you can buy things while watching them. When you see something you like in the video, you can click on it to add it to your shopping basket. This makes it quicker and easier for people to buy things they see in videos and stops them from getting bored before they buy.

Top tip: You can turn pre-recorded how-to or product videos into shoppable videos by adding links to the products.

Offer live video shopping

Live video shopping is when a brand shows a live video of their employees or famous people talking about products. Lots of people can watch the video at the same time and buy things while watching.

Some live shopping events have only a few viewers, but others have hundreds or even thousands of people watching and buying. People enjoy these events because they're fast, informative, and fun, and they help create a community of shoppers.

Working with popular people on your live videos can also help bring more people to your website and increase sales. For example, when Kim Kardashian was in the background of a live video with a Chinese brand, her perfume sold out in minutes.

The holiday season is a great time to do live shopping events. For instance, a lingerie brand could do a live video a few days before Valentine's Day, teaching people how to buy lingerie as gifts. This might help shy customers feel more comfortable buying intimate products.

Encourage personalized one-on-one shopping

Personalized one-on-one shopping is like having a store assistant help you online. The salesperson can give you recommendations tailored just for you and focus all their attention on helping you through a live video call.

This is great for customers who need extra help when shopping, especially for complex products that need explaining. This often happens with expensive items where people want more information before buying.

One-on-one live shopping can also help you sell more by suggesting additional products that match what the customer needs. When you focus on one customer at a time, it's easier to spot opportunities to suggest other things they might like.

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Stream live videos from social channels directly on your website

Showing your live videos on your website, as well as on social media, lets you control how and when your followers see them. It's a good way to bring your audience closer to your brand.

When you make sure your live stream is available on lots of different platforms, it's easier for people to find it and share it with others.

Top tip: You can reuse parts of your live video later on different platforms for people who couldn't watch it live.

Use videos to get more leads

Make your videos work for you by using them to get more leads. Here's a simple idea: Make a tutorial video in three parts. You can watch the first two parts easily, but to see the third part, you have to give your email address.

If someone watches the first two parts and wants to see the third, they might be interested in what you're offering. That could be a good lead for you. Targeting and lead generation go together, so if you want more leads, think about targeting your video content. If someone shows interest in one of your videos by clicking on it, you can offer them a chance to visit a special page for more information.

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