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Firstcolo CEO Interview Shoot with Sony FX6 and Sony Alpha A7S III Cameras

Julian, our trusted director in Frankfurt has shot an excellent project and here are his insights.

Fırat Bayram Bakır
November 9, 2023

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Video Project

The project of Peregrin/Cube/Firstcolo was an interview shoot of two CEOs with two cameras and a lot of b-roll shootings in two different locations in Frankfurt.


After some location scouting and a after consultation with my clients, I decided to move the set to a slightly better space, with no ventilation noise and a better lighting situation.

Also from a marketing perspective, the new, open space now conveys a much more open and personable image that can be emotionally associated with the Firstcolo brand and their founders.

2 camera interview


The gear (below) helped us to set a professional and cinematic look, while the motorized gimbal was used to create some spectacular motion shots through the data center.

  • A-Cam: Sony FX 6 (4K, 25 fps, S-Cinetone)
  • B-Cam: Sony Alpha A7S III (4K, 25 fps, S-Cinetone) + DJI RS 2 Pro Gimbal
  • Light: LS 600x Pro + Aputure - Light Dome II
  • Sound: Rode Wireless Go II + Lavaliers
Interview angle


Since the interviewees did not know their messages by heart and wanted to read their text off the paper, it was a challenge not only to make them feel free to speak, but also to constantly encourage them and give them tips in a constructive way. I solved this task by telling the interviewees to imagine we were sitting in a bar and they were telling me something as a friend. That eased the customer's tension a lot.
Remote Zoom Call with the Agency


A constant communication and feedback sessions with the agencies (Peregrine/Cube/Get Camera Crew) via Zoom during the shoot ensured that everyone was satisfied in terms of content and visuals.

We got along very well with the client, our team was happy, and the client expressed great satisfaction at the end of the shoot.

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