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Event Highlight Video – Everything You Should Know

Make your events unforgettable! Explore this article for simple tips on creating engaging highlight videos that capture the best moments.

Ryan Diyantara
December 1, 2023
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Events are important, the require weeks, and sometimes even months, of planning to highlight the best aspects of your business. The worst thing would be not having a record of how it affected the attendees and your business. That's where corporate event highlight videos come in. These videos are a great way to show all the fun, achievements, and excitement.

What is Event Highlight Video?

A video capturing the essence of an event, commonly known as an event highlight video, offers a vibrant portrayal of the attendees' experiences set to lively music, typically lasting between 2 to 4 minutes. These videos prove highly impactful, serving as an optimal means to enhance and prolong the significance of your event.

The effectiveness of an event highlight video stems from various factors:

  • It effectively communicates the event's success by showcasing the enthusiasm and energy of both guests and speakers.
  • Through interviews with speakers and attendees, it provides additional context, enhancing the viewer's understanding.
  • The video imparts authenticity to the event, establishing a genuine connection with the audience.
  • By evoking emotional connections, it helps forge a deeper bond between the event and its viewers.
  • Adding a human touch to your brand, the video brings a personal element that resonates with the audience.

What Does An Event Highlight Video Look Like?

The initial step incorporate video production services involves recording footage during the event. Subsequently, meticulous review and editing of the entire footage are conducted to curate a captivating highlight reel guaranteed to capture attention.

A standard highlight video typically encompasses the following elements:

  • Panoramic shots showcasing the event venue.
  • Time-lapse sequences illustrating the gradual influx of guests into the space.
  • A montage featuring attendees interactingat your booth and enjoying various aspects of the event.
  • Dynamic clips capturing key speakers delivering presentations on stage.
  • Energetic interview segments with a high-level of engagement.
  • Name of sponsors' names and exhibition stand visuals to acknowledge their support.

Why Make Event Highlight videos?

When you have a lot on your plate with event preparations, promotional content, and coordinating with vendors, creating event highlight videos might seem like an extra task. But there are good reasons to do it.

Videos work well. They're more interesting, lively, and encourage more people to sign up. They give your audience a clear idea of what to expect from the event.

People prefer watching videos instead of reading long promotional pages. In fact, 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text.

Creating professional-looking videos may seem complicated, but with the right online video maker and helpful tips, it can be quite easy, especially if you're new to the world of videography or working on a budget.

Videos have a lasting impact and provide a good return on investment. You can use them right after the event and in various ways leading up to the next one. Whether it's an internal thank-you video for your hardworking employees or an invitation for new sponsors and potential attendees, you're covered until the next event.

According to Optinmonster, video marketers see a 54% increase in brand awareness, and 93% of marketers have gained a new customer through a video on social media.

What are the Different Ways You Can Make Use of Highlight Video?

Social Media Video

Give your followers an exciting and lively start to your time at the event. Show them the vibe, excitement, and buzz in the air to get them interested and bring in more attendees. If the event lasts for a long time, you can post a new highlight video every day on your social media. This will keep people excited and interested in what's happening.

Press Releases

To capture the attention of your intended audience, potential clients, and investors, nothing beats a highlight video showcasing your finest qualities.

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Thanks Video

You can use highlight videos to say thank you to the event photographer, the team making videos, staff, guests, or sponsors. These videos are also good to show at the end of events or dinners.

Blog Post

You can put your highlight video into blog posts along with quotes from speakers and attendees. Including a complete or partial written version also boosts SEO.


After the event, you can utilize highlight videos for marketing by incorporating them into company newsletters, featuring them as compelling content on your website, or using them to follow up with leads generated at the event.

Best Practices for Making Event Highlights Videos

Use High-Quality Footage

An event highlight video is short, just a couple of minutes. So, pick the best, really good footage when making it. Shaky shots, low-light scenes, and audio you can't hear well can ruin your video.

Take lots of extra footage (b-roll) to make sure you have good material to add to your video. A cool way to begin your event highlights video? Use time-lapse footage of your event space filling up with people to show how big the audience is.

Feature Testimonials

Including real people's testimonials adds credibility to your video. Customers have confidence in user reviews and testimonials. Research indicates that 90% of buyers, who read positive customer success content, say it affected their buying choices.

To attract potential attendees, showcase authentic positive reviews from people who attended your previous event. Highlight their positive experiences and ask them to share their favorite parts of the event. Even if your event highlight video is very short, lasting only 60 to 90 seconds, include brief snippets of a few testimonials.

Add Key Information

Include essential details in your event highlight video by emphasizing numerical data. Ensure you incorporate everything that would persuade potential attendees to join your upcoming event and demonstrate to your audience the significant success of your current event.

The most effective method to showcase this information is by incorporating text into your video. However, ensure that the chosen text aligns with your branding, stands out on the video, and maintains a professional appearance.

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Use Eye-Catching Visuals

You only have about 3 seconds to grab your viewers' attention, so it's crucial to maximize that time. One effective method is to use captivating visuals, animation, text, and motion graphics strategically.

Given the brief durationof the highlights video, incorporating animation is beneficial for drawingattention to essential elements of the events.

Highlight Big Name Speakers

You've got some really important keynote speakers and leaders in your event. That's super exciting!

But if you don't show them off in your event highlight video, you're missing a big chance to bring in more attendees for your next event and let everyone know how successful your recent one was.

Let's be honest, people really like big names. They enjoy being in the same place as them, networking with them, and just having a good time. Many might decide to come to your next event just because of these big names.

So, make sure to feature them. Include clips of them talking on stage, having discussions with the audience, and enjoying time with the team. Get interviews with them where the talk about how awesome your event was.

If you show them off wellin the video, you can even ask them to share your video on their social media.That's a great way to get even more people interested in your event.

How to Make an Event Highlight Video

Corporate event highlightvideos, when done well, can be repeatedly used to connect with your customers,potential clients, and stakeholders. These videos are great for engaging yourviewers and promoting your brand. To make a lasting impression on the audience,the event video needs to tell a compelling story. To achieve this, thevideographer plans which moments to capture, assembles the film crew, andchooses the best equipment for filming the event.

The videographer's objective is to capture all the excitement and energy happening during the event. They focus on significant moments, behind-the-scenes footage, customer interactions, and more, from various angles to give the video a unique feel. Achieving this requires the specialized skills of a professional camera crew.

After capturing the footage, it moves to the post-production stage. The editor carefully reviews all the footage, selecting key moments, impressive scenes, and shots to weave into a cohesive narrative. These shots are then synchronized with music, narration, or both to tell the story of the event in a way that makes people want to be apart of it.

No event video can truly be effective or reach its full potential without a clear story and message. This is where our team comes in. We excel at conducting interviews with key stakeholders and guests at your event to convey your story. Additionally, our team focuses on capturing the highlights of your event, including keynote speakers, award presentations, product launches, as well as the overall energy and enjoyment that defines the event.

Our team of video expert shas produced numerous highlight videos for corporate events, conferences, meetings, live performances, product launches, trade shows, award ceremonies, and every imaginable type of event!

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