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Get to Know Pitch Video and Its Importance to Attract Investors

Elevate your investor engagement strategy with powerful pitch videos. Understand the importance of pitch videos in communicating your business proposition and compelling investors to take notice

Ryan Diyantara
August 17, 2023
Pitch video

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As you start your journey as an entrepreneur, sooner or later you'll come across the question of how to make a really good video. A pitch video is a super strong way to tell your story. Actually, our research has found that campaigns with a pitch video make4 times more money than campaigns without one. Your video can show your idea in action—like introducing your product or showing a sneak peek of your film. Video lets you talk straight to your audience and make them feel inspired through music, movement, and connecting with people.

In this guide, we'll help you learn how to make an interesting video for your campaign. It might seem scary or make you nervous to think about making a video, but remember that all awesome videos have the same basic parts. Once you get those parts, you'll be ready to make a great video.

What is Pitch Video?

Videos that are short and interesting are super popular for brands and businesses nowadays. This is mainly because we know that people are more likely to remember what they watch in a video compared to other types of marketing stuff. A pitch video can be used for lots of different situations. You might use it to introduce yourself to a new boss, or to show off your brand to someone you want to partner with. But what exactly is a pitch video, and why should I think about making one for my business?

A pitch video is basically like your pitch presentation, but way cooler! It's a short and strong sales or business talk that you deliver using a video. It has cool graphics, catchy visuals, and a strong voiceover. A pitch video takes the audience through all the details of your pitch in an interesting and exciting way.

Why is a Pitch Video Importance?

Pitch video

Numbers show that on average, people spend less than three minutes checking out a pitch presentation, according to a strong document-sharing service called DocSend. This means that all those detailed slides and perfect explanations you worked hard to create and send are looked at in just a tiny part of the time it took you to make the very first slide! We guess it's something like this:

  • Around 3 to 5 seconds looking at the first page.
  • Another 3 to 5 seconds checking the last page.
  • A little over two minutes looking at all the slides in between.

Even if the person looking is really interested, they won't get all the important details from your pitch if they only spend a few seconds on each slide with pictures and bullet points. Your great pitch loses its impact if people only spend a short time on each slide.

This is why a pitch video is super important! Imagine, if a picture is like a thousand words, then a video pitch is worth a gazillion words! How come? An average high-quality video has about 30 pictures for every second. So, if a picture is worth a thousand words, just one second of video must be worth like 30 thousand words! Imagine how much more you can say with a video compared to just pictures and writing!

And it's not just about money: a pitch video can make you raise 4 times more funds compared to campaigns without videos. Plus, people are way more likely to remember what they see in a video. Actually, we remember about 95% of what we watch in videos, and even after a whole month, 80% of us still remember, while we only remember about 10% of what we read!

How to Create an Effective Video Pitch for Investors

Create the Right Setup

Making a good first impression is super important! Especially when it's about videos. The way you set up your presentation and the stuff you use matter a lot. But don't worry, you don't need fancy things or wait for a long time to start. You can probably begin right after you finish reading this.

First, pick the camera you want to use. If you have a good camera that makes HD or clear videos, go for it. If not, even a newer iPhone or smartphone will work fine. Nowadays, phones are getting better and better cameras, which is great for people who make stuff.

Check your audio and make sure the sound is nice and the quality is really good. If there's a lot of echoing, think about finding a place with carpet or a smaller area where sound won't bounce around a lot.

Once you have the basic things ready, look at where you are. How does the background look? Is it crowded with pictures, posters, stacked books, or other things that might take attention away? It's better to use a simple wall or even a digital background if you don't have other choices.

Last thing, make sure you're dressed neatly, take care of yourself, and sit up straight in front of the camera. Write down what you want to say so you can speak with confidence. If you put a tablet or screen behind the camera, you can use it as a reference while still looking at the camera.

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Tell a Story to Your Investors

Pitch video

When you're making a video pitch for investors, the important thing they'll want to see is your story. They want to think about a future customer, what issues they face, and how your startup solves those problems.

The best way to tell a story is to think about your own story first. Most likely, you had a problem yourself and wanted to find a solution. After you found it, you decided to share it with the people you're targeting. In that story, there will be challenges, a wish for change, times when things didn't go well, and times when they did.

You can use that story to create a brand story that puts customers in the same situation. When investors recognize it, they will connect with the story and imagine it being shared in stores or on commercials to attract customers.

Your story will give investors an idea of how you created your product, and it will help them seethe future and how you'll get the right people interested.

Here's what you can do:

  • Explain where your story started.
  • Share that story with your investors.
  • Then, talk about your customers' stories and how your product fits into them.

Prove, Don’t Just Tell

Investors are really excited to hear what you want to tell them. In your video pitch, you'll be able to explain how much you believe in your startup, but just words might not be enough.

Saying something is one thing. Actually showing it is something else.

We want to display our product or service for a couple of reasons. The first reason is to prove to investors that it really works, or that it's as good as we say it is. The other reason is to help investors truly understand and feel what it's like. This is what customers will experience, and it's the heart of the startup.

If your thing is software, you can quickly show a sneak peek of the platform in a few short moments. This will help them get an idea of what the user interface looks like and what it can do. If it's a product, you can demonstrate it on the screen. If it's a service, you can show an example or a short video. Use this time to demonstrate how valuable your startup is.

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