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15 Video Production Types - All types of videos production services

Are you planning to start or grow your business with videos? If so, you'll need to know about the different film video production types. This guide will teach you about 15 different types of video production and how to use them for your business.

Nurettin Demiral
October 25, 2022
Video Production Types

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Defining the purpose of a video

There are four main types of videos: marketing, tutorial, showcase, and wedding. Marketing videos are created with the primary purpose of promoting or marketing the product or service. Tutorial videos are created to provide instruction on a certain topic.

Showcase videos are created to showcase the product or service to the customer.

The Phases of Video Production

Stage 1: Strategy

The strategy phase of video production involves planning the video's content. This includes developing a storyboard or script, Choosing the videography style, Deciding on the type of video, and Determining the length of the video.

Stage 2: Pre-production

Pre-production is important because it helps to create a detailed plan and budget for video production. This process usually involves creative planning and ideation, which can help to set the tone for a successful outcome. Pre-production can be time-consuming, but it is worth doing to avoid potential disasters later on.

Stage 3: Production

Once pre-production is complete, it's time for production. This is where you shoot the footage for the video. Production can take place in a studio or on location, depending on what kind of video you're making. On-location shoots require permits and security, which can add to the cost of production. After all the footage has been shot, it's time for post-production.

Stage 4: Post-production

Post-production is the stage of video production where services are provided to complete the video. Services include file management, video editing, motion graphics, and animation, recording voiceovers and voice acting, audio mastering, and color grading. After post-production is complete, the final product is delivered to the customer.

Stage 5: Distribution

There are several ways to distribute your video content. You can distribute it online, offline, or in digital formats.

Online distribution includes uploading your video to a website or sharing it through social media. Offline distribution includes sending your video to stations or film festivals. Digital distribution includes selling your video online or through DVD distributors.

Different types of videography

1- One of the Most Important in the History of Video production: Corporate videos

Corporate video production is a form of video content that businesses can use to promote their products and services. Services that are typically included in corporate video production are crew selection, shooting, post-production, and marketing.

2- Docu-style videos

Docu-style videos are created using an interview format, where the subjects tell their story in their own words. These types of videos are often used for promotional purposes, as they can be very effective in creating an emotional response in the viewer.

3- Social media video genres

Social media video production services can help you create engaging and social media-savvy videos. By re-purposing existing content, social media video production services can help you save time and money while still producing high-quality video. By using hooks that grab attention, social media video production services can help you create content that is successful in the social media environment.

4- Event categories of video production

Event video production is the creation of videos that tell the story of an event or upcoming event promotion. Event video production services are different from short promo videos because they require a multi-camera setup to capture footage and advanced skills to ensure appropriate recording of audio. The goal of an event video is often to promote the event, archive details for future promotions, and utilize the footage in various other ways.

Many different types of event videos can be captured, including performance videos, lecture videos, concert videos, meeting videos, sports videos, conference videos, and more.

5- Commercial advertisement filmmaking videos

A commercial advertisement video production service is a company that produces short videos for businesses to use as advertisements. These videos are typically 30 seconds to 1 minute in length and can be used on TV, online, or both. There are several different types of commercial advertisement video production services, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

6- Real Estate Video Video Production Services

Real estate video production is the process of creating videos that promote properties and sell homes, or commercial land. This can be done through a mix of drone footage, video shots on gimbals and sliders, crane shots, professional interior lighting, VR videos, 360 video tours, panorama videos, high-resolution walkthrough video tours, and augmented reality videos.

7- Music video production services

A music video production service is a professional crew that specializes in both production and post-production editing of music videos. A music video production service offers a wide range of services that may include but are not limited to scripting, filming, editing, and sound design. A music video production service strives to provide a perfect finished product that is simple to produce for an advanced professional.

8- Educational video types of video media services

Educational videos are videos that are created to educate others on a certain topic. They can be used to promote products or services or to simply promote a set of ideas for an organization. Educational video production services can be used to create these types of videos.

9- Production Videos

Product videos are videos that help people learn more about your product. You can use them to promote your product, explain it to people, or teach people how to use it. Product videos can be short (30 to 90 seconds), medium (1 to 2 minutes), or long (10 to 15 minutes). They can be made in any style (animation, tutorial, webinar, Q&A, meeting interview, etc.).

Product videos can be filmed in any language. They can be filmed with or without actors. They can be filmed with or without any script. Product videos can be filmed for any purpose (relationship building, user engagement, etc.).

10- Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are videos that show happy customers who are already loyal to your brand. By demonstrating that other people are happy with your product or service, testimonial videos can help build trust with your target audience.

Testimonial videos can also be used to make a personal appeal and even infuse emotional motivation into the mix. For example, if you're selling a product that helps people stay healthy, a testimonial from someone who has benefited from using it can be very powerful.

11- Instructional Videos

Instructional videos are videos that are designed to teach a concept. They use both sight and sound to communicate information, which makes them easier to understand and remember. Instructional videos also explain the importance of what is being learned – they go beyond simply informing the viewer.

This can be especially helpful when teaching complex ideas or concepts. Instructional videos can also be used to teach across language barriers, as they can be understood even if the viewer does not speak the same language as the person who made the video.

12- Explainer types of video production

Explainer videos are popular because they are a fun and easy way to learn about a new product or service. In an explainer video, someone breaks down how the product or service works in an informative but friendly fashion. This makes it much easier to understand than reading an article or trying to absorb printed graphics.

13- Documentary/Reality Video Media Production

Documentary/reality videos are a type of video that are typically entertaining and educational presentations. They have a rich history in the world of cinema and have been growing alongside movies. Documentary/reality videos are typically entertaining and educational presentations.

14- Narrative kinds of video production

Narrative videos are those that tell a story. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including marketing, advertising, and education. When used correctly, they can help create a more engaging experience for users. Additionally, narrative videos can help build trust and credibility and promote a product or service.

For businesses, narrative videos can be used to lead potential customers through the sales funnel. For example, an explainer video can be used at the top of the funnel to introduce a complex topic. Then, as customers move down the funnel, progressively more detailed story videos can be used to show how the product works and ultimately sell the product or service.


When choosing a film production service, it is important to consider their experience in making films, the type of format you want your film to be in, and their fees. It is also important to ask about their guarantees, turnaround times, and what is included in their services.

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