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The 10 Best Video Production Companies in New Zealand You Should Know

Looking for the finest video production companies in New Zealand? Explore our list of the top 10, offering expert services to bring your creative vision to life.

Ryan Diyantara
August 15, 2023
Video production companies in new zealand

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Did you ever try looking for companies that make videos in New Zealand? The issue isn't that there aren't any good providers, but there are so many of them that offer video-making services. Picking the right one out of all of them is hard. To assist you, we've made a list of the best video production companies in New Zealand that you can trust.

1. Get Camera Crew

Yep, it's us!

Since1987, Get Camera Crew has become a major player in the film and TV industry. Our main focus is providing crew services and equipment rentals. Our team has gained expertise from practical experience on various sets, and we also have valuable on-location knowledge backed by MFA qualifications. We're available24/7, and our dedicated and experienced staff is always ready to support and assist our clients.

We take great pride in our achievements, and you can see it from the impressive list of notable clients we've served, including big names like AWS, Kaspersky, Maps, Alcon, and Wooshii. With a combined experience of over 80 years, we've collaborated with some of the country's finest filmmakers, helping create large-scale commercials and music videos. Our professionalism knows no bounds, as we've filmed in 25 different countries.

Besides our own production work, we've launched a marketplace that connects clients with outstanding local camera operators, producers, and video creators in countries like New Zealand. This way, anyone seeking top-notch video production services can easily find the perfect match through our extensive network of skilled professionals."

2. Pure Productions

Pure Productions is a creative video-making company in Auckland. They're good at creating different kinds of videos like showreels, commercials, business videos, music videos, and testimonial videos.

This company gives you everything you need for videos, like making them, promoting them, taking pictures, and creating graphics.

They've been doing this for about 15 years and have worked with lots of different clients, like those who sell things, banks & insurance, health &schools, buildings, trading, and groups that help others.

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3. Fox & Co

Fox & Co stands as a studio that wins awards for its animations. They make videos that explain things, ads, movies, and sets of pictures for companies, agencies, and TV groups.

At Fox & Co, the belief in the amazing way stories change through animation is strong. This is how they grab people's attention and share messages that really touch their emotions. They know that in a busy world with lots of stuff to see, what makes a brand special is its power to not only be noticed, but also to be deeply felt. Their goal is to make sure your message doesn't just get shown, but also truly connects with others.

4. Perpetua Productions

Video production companies in new zealand

Perpetua Productions works as a company that makes videos for businesses in Auckland. Hey also do other things like recording conferences, making videos of events, creating helpful pictures, teaching videos, and special animated or fast-forward videos.

They've got a really imaginative group of people who write, draw, operate cameras, edit, and lead to make sure you get the greatest outcomes. This company takes care of everything when it comes to videos and they've been doing it for over20 years.

5. Southern Studios

Southern Studios stands as an agency that makes videos. Their little group is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and they make videos. This agency started in 2017.

Overtime, they've made lots of really good work that's won awards. They've done everything from making TV ads to creating campaigns for social media. No matter how tough the project, their team is up for it!

They feel proud of using the best tools and methods in the industry. They've got everything needed for any kind of filming, from special lenses to lights.

6. Orly Productions

Orly Productions is a video production company in New Zealand (NZ). They offer different kinds of videos, like ads, animations, marketing clips, brand videos, interactive things, and videos for social media.

This company has won many awards for their videos, and they got two special IABC Golden Quill Awards in 2019.

Besides New Zealand, they also work in Australia, in places like Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. They've worked with companies like Connexionz, Platinum Homes, AgriSeeds, Karit Energy, Synlait, Skope Connect, and SBS Bank.

7. Create X Wonder

Create X Wonder is a creative video-making company that's located in Auckland, Whangarei, and Tauranga.

They believe that videos are the best way to market things, and they think you can use videos in every step of marketing. No matter if you want people to know about your brand, get more people interested, or sell more, they can help you make the right video for what you need. They're really good at making top-notch videos that don't cost too much. They can make videos for social media, clients' stories, sales, businesses, finding new employees, showing cool places, brands, events, explaining things, and making animations. And if you've got an idea, they can make it come to life.

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8. Omnicron Productions

Omnicron Productions works as a video company in Auckland. They make videos for businesses, ads, events, and even special interactive videos. They're the oldest and most skilled video-making company in New Zealand. They've got a really talented team of creative people, movie makers, editors, and producers.

They have their own filming setup in Auckland, where they have things like a greenscreen, a white screen that goes on forever, cool effects, and pictures that move. Because they're really good at what they do, they're part of a special group called the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ).

9. Redmint Media

Redmint Media operates as a video-making agency. Their small group is based in Auckland, New Zealand. This company is really good at making videos, marketing on social media, and using videos for marketing. They started in 2015.

At Redmint Media, they're all about combining the creative side of marketing with the technical side of making films. They do this to make content that really works. They focus on both making content and getting people to do something, and that lets them give expert advice and come up with plans that fit each client perfectly. Their videos are interesting and catch the attention of the right people.

They're curious and always want to find new and better ways of doing things. They use cool technology like AI and they always keep up with what's new in their field.

10. BullsEye Production

BullsEye Productions makes videos all around New Zealand (NZ), even in the big cities like Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin. They can help with many kinds of videos, like ads, videos about products and services, videos of events, teaching videos, animated videos, and videos taken from the sky.

The work with important companies like Horizon Energy Group, Air Chathams, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Shelving Shop Group, and Dwights Outdoors.

Which Video Production Companies in New Zealand Should I Choose?

When you're looking for a company to make videos in New Zealand, you might find a lot of choices, and that can be confusing. But don't worry, if you think carefully, you can find the best one easily. That's where Get Camera Crew can help, and we're different because we offer really good services.

At Get Camera Crew, we truly understand what you want and your goals for your videos. Whether you want catchy commercials, interesting business videos, or strong branded content, we can do it all. Our services work for all sorts of businesses, and we handle everything from the start to the end.

No project is too big or small for us. We're good at many kinds of videos, like covering events, making commercials, sharing testimonials, and more. We're special because we care about quality and being creative, so our videos look amazing and touch your feelings.

So, why wait? Get in touch with us today, and let's make something great together! Go to our website to see our video services and find out how we can make your brand better with really interesting storytelling.

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