Top 6 Fantastic Halloween Video Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Discover the ultimate Halloween video marketing strategies for your business.

Ryan Diyantara
October 23, 2023
halloween video marketing

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Creating marketing videos that match the seasons should happen all year long, not just during holidays. There are lots of occasions, even the less popular ones, and various themes you can embrace for each season to mark the time of the year.

For instance, October is all about Halloween. So, every business should begin making Halloween-themed videos. You can apply unique video marketing methods to enhance your brand recognition and increase sales in the upcoming October. It's an excellent way to get a head start on holiday sales.

In this article, we'll explore five different video marketing concepts for advertising your business and achieving spooktacular outcomes.

1. Showcase your Halloween Services or Product

halloween video marketing

Is your business offering cinnamon-spiced donuts, witchy prints, or any other Halloween-inspired products? If the answer is yes, creating a marketing video is an excellent way to engage potential customers throughout the spooky season.

Even if you haven't dabbled in Halloween-themed products before, now is a perfect opportunity to start or give your existing products a Halloween twist. Companies that offer successful Halloween items often cultivate loyal customers who come back each October.

A prime example of this is Mars Candy. In 2019, they introduced Zombie Skittles, a variation of regular Skittles with some unusual flavors mixed in. Each package contained a selection of delightful flavors combined with unpleasant "rotten zombie" candies. Customers never knew which flavor they get!

This product generated a lot of user-generated content, with people recording themselves and their friends trying these peculiar candies. Furthermore, the company built a devoted fan base for the product, with many eagerly anticipating buying these candies as a Halloween tradition each year.

In summary, offering Halloween-themed products can be a fantastic way to boost seasonal business. Even if your business doesn't sell physical products, you can still promote your Halloween-related services. For instance, if you run a restaurant, you can use video marketing to announce that your servers will be dressed up throughout the entire month of October.

2. Create a Halloween-Themed Social Media Campaign

Instead of making a video ad to attract people to your business this Halloween, how about creating a Halloween-themed social media plan instead?

If your plan takes off, you'll get real user-made content while also making more people aware of your brand—sounds pretty awesome to us!

To make a successful social media plan, just ask your viewers to share a video of themselves using your product in a special way. Then, give prizes to the winner(s) to encourage participation.

Make sure your plan has a catchy hashtag and is easy to share so your audience can get their friends and family involved.

An example of a company that found big success with this approach is Target. Every year, Target runs a "Tag and Treat" campaign to inspire folks to post videos of themselves showcasing their Halloween outfits while in their stores.

This campaign worked really well, with Target getting loads of entries they could use for future marketing videos. Plus, it grabbed the attention of the entire nation and got featured on news outlets all over the country, giving them lots of exposure!

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3. Make a Spooky Marketing Video

Even if your business isn't in the business of selling pumpkin spiced donuts or coffee cups shaped like cauldrons, that doesn't stop you from embracing the Halloween season!

One of the top methods to captivate your audience is by producing Halloween-themed marketing videos that highlight your brand.

Whether you aim to give your audience a good scare with a spine-tingling advertisement or bring a smile to their faces with some humorous Halloween antics, marketing videos are an ideal means to engage and spark their interest in your business.

4. Create a How-To or DIY Halloween Video

People like watching videos because they can learn new things. So, instead of making a video just to show off your brand, why not make a video that teaches your audience how to do something fun with your products?

Take Maybelline, a makeup company, for instance. They've made several how-to makeup videos that show viewers how to create fantastic Halloween makeup looks, like a1920’s flapper, 70’s disco makeup, and a tiger face. These helpful videos teach people how to use their makeup to achieve the perfect Halloween appearance, encouraging them to buy their products every October.

You can also create videos demonstrating how to put together unique Halloween costumes, fun decorations, or spooky snacks to impress friends at their annual Halloween party.

Even if you don't sell a physical product, you can still make a great DIY video that your customers will enjoy. For instance, if you offer a photo editing app, you can show your audience how to use your app to transform themselves into a scary witch or a sultry vampire!

5. Contests, Competitions, and Giveaways

As you've seen, we're participating in a Halloween contest, and we're not alone. Companies all over the world are using the Halloween season to increase their sales and involve their customers through contests and giveaways. You can make a hashtag that matches your brand, similar to what NYX Cosmetics did, so your followers have a chance to win something from your business. You might also offer a "buy one, get one free" deal on all Halloween-themed products. Whatever you decide, remember to use video to showcase it.

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6. Create a Behind-the Scenes Halloween Video

A great way to bond with your audience during Halloween is to create behind-the-scenes videos, giving them a closer look at your business and what it stands for.

One option is to demonstrate how you make your Halloween products. For instance, if you bake handmade Halloween cookies, you can make a video revealing the ingredients and the process of crafting your delicious treats.

If your business hosts an annual Halloween event like a party or costume contest, you can take your audience behind the scenes to show the effort that goes into organizing the event. You might even livestream the event to reveal the personality behind your brand.

Another fun behind-the-scenes idea is to capture your employees playing Halloween pranks on each other. For example, you can film them scaring each other with spooky masks. Sharing your company's Halloween fun is an excellent way to build a year-round connection.

And let's be honest, prank videos are often quite entertaining and can attract a large audience, which can enhance your brand's visibility and potentially bring in more customers!

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